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Badlion Client 2.14 - Animations, New Mods, and More!

Hello to all of the awesome Minecraft player! We are excited to bring you the newest additions and improvements to the Badlion Client. Some long time requests have finally found their way onto the fastest growing Minecraft Launcher in existence (Badlion Client, duh). We recently passed over half a million unique monthly users on the Badlion Client! Absolutely staggering how fast we are growing at the moment. We will continue to do our best to make a better Minecraft experience, and all of you return the favor and share this awesome client with a friend!

Let's talk right over the new features in this update!

Improving the Badlion Client Launcher

In this update we have gone ahead and made some changes to the Badlion Client launcher based on some recent outages we had due to all of the growth. We want to ensure that everyone is able to play Minecraft on Badlion Client regardless if our servers are online or offline. That's why we have begun the process of adding an offline support system (this is not complete yet). The first stage of this is supporting the ability to load, and launch Badlion Client if our servers are offline for whatever reason (which doesn't happen often). The launcher will now cache the last information transmitted from the patching servers, and use this information in case our servers are offline to launch Minecraft. This should result a better user experience for everyone here. Full offline support will be coming in Badlion Client 3.0, which is scheduled for release later this year still.

The new launcher update (not yet released, coming out on May 27th) also includes a new setting to change how long the logs are retained for…less disk space being wasted on old files. We will change the default nice from "forever" to "1 month" later in the year.

1.16 Snapshot Support

In preparation for the next big Minecraft update (which I imagine will be coming out in the next month or so), we have begun adding support for some of the snapshots on Badlion Client! We are committed to always supporting the latest version of Minecraft on day 1 of release, and Minecraft 1.16 will be no different for us. If you are interested in helping to support our work here and want to try out Minecraft 1.16 on Badlion Client before it's public release, consider buying Insider on our shop here:

Optifine 1.15.2

We are excited to share that we have recently added Optifine support for Minecraft 1.15.2 with Badlion Client. We have been patiently waiting (like most of the community) for a final release of Optifine, but we felt it was stable enough to add support for the Optifine pre-releases before a final version was made available. Now you can enjoy Minecraft 1.15.2 with your FPS improvements, shader support, and all of the awesome Badlion Client mods and cosmetics as well!

Optifine Upgrades for 1.8, 1.12, and 1.14!

EDIT: This will be made available next week when we have a bit more time to finish testing it and verify the stability.

In addition to adding Optifine for 1.15.2, we have gone back and given some love to the older versions of Minecraft! We have upgraded the Optifine version support for 1.8, 1.12, and 1.14. By doing so we have included a bunch of bug fixes and new features for the older versions of Minecraft. We hope that everyone is excited for a more stable and better FPS experience on Badlion Client with Optifine!

Animations Rework

I am super excited to share a long time requested rework of one of our oldest mods on the client, the Animations Mod. This mod's primary purpose is to make Minecraft 1.8 feel like it did in Minecraft 1.7 and earlier. There were a lot of rendering engine changes to Minecraft on 1.8, and it broke the positioning and movement of certain items such as swords, fishing rods, and well…everything. We have gone ahead and rebuilt our Animations mod from the ground up taking into account all of the feedback we have received from the community over the last years. This update includes:

  • [New] Item Switch Animation
  • [New] Hitbox Animation
  • [New] Inventory Animation
  • [New] Sneaking Animation
  • [New] Fishing Rod Animation
  • [New] Sword Swing Animation
  • [Reworked] Item Hold Animation
  • [Reworked] Block Hit Animation
  • [Reworked] Health Animation Animation
  • [Reworked] Damage Animation Animation
  • [Reworked] Eat Animation
  • [Reworked] Thrown Animation
  • [Reworked] Bow Animation

  • Check out some of the major differences we put together in a short video below:

    We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. We are committed to making the best Minecraft experience possible on Badlion Client, and we will continue to refresh some of our older mods in the coming updates to make sure you have everything you could possibly want in one location.

    Chunk Border Mod

    Do you like keeping track of your chunks in Minecraft? Well boy do we have good news for you! We have a brand new mod designed specifically for Factions players who need to pay attention to the chunks they are buying, building, or using in general. This mod allows you to see the chunk you are currently in, and as well as the surrounding chunks. There are some settings in game to allow you to adjust the colors, and which chunk options are enabled or not. We even added a keybind for you to use if you want to toggle this feature on and off a lot!

    Clear Glass Mod

    We have taken a long time feature in the Badlion Client and given it a major upgrade and as a result, it has now become it's own mod! You can set your glass and colored glass now to be completely, or partially invisible in game. We have also made this mod completely compatible with Optifine, so you can take advantage of the extra features such as connected textures directly in Badlion Client. We also have added the ability to customize the thickness of the border for glass, and also the transparency level for your texture as well!

    Name History Mod

    Another long time request joins the fastest growing Minecraft client (that's us silly)! We have finally gotten around to adding a Name History mod directly in Badlion Client! You can now check to see if someone has recently changed their name, or never changed their name. No more guessing if someone is switching usernames every month. You can open this new mod once activated using the ";" key (we are running out of keys to use).

    Enchant Glint Color

    Don't like the default purple in Minecraft for enchants? Well guess what, now you can use any color you want on your enchants (even Chroma). In the short example above, I have set my enchant glint to yellow.

    ArmorStatus Upgrades!

    We believe in empowering our users here. That's why we have gone ahead and added more options to the Armor Status mod, so that you can get that exact look and feel that you want. We have now made it possible for you to rearrange the positions of the durability to be under, above, left, or right of each armor piece.

    Boss Bar Upgrades!

    Do you not like the default Minecraft boss bar? Well you wouldn't be the first! We have gone ahead and added some new options to the Boss Bar mod to allow you to customize the size and color of the bar (including outline), as well as to control the text positioning of the mod. Not to worry though, if you are a standard Minecraft player, you can keep all of the default settings too!

    AutoFriend Mod

    Do you like having tons of friends? Well who doesn't (besides Ginie)? You can now automatically accept any friend invites that come your way when you are playing on Hypixel! This small utility mod was created by our good old friend 2pi, who was nice enough to allow us to add this feature into Badlion Client. Thanks man :)

    Other New Features

  • Users now have a way to disable the "bobbing" of the crosshair when running around (there is a slight movement, we have added a way to disable this movement and keep the crosshair locked to the middle of your screen).
  • We have added a new feature into the "New Chat" system where you can play a sound or highlight your name when mentioned in the chat.
  • Everyone now has a free spray to be able to use on Badlion Client, hit "Y" to check it out
  • Added the ability to hide name tags in the replay mod with a new configurable option
  • Added an option to disable the icons from the Potion Status mod
  • Updated to newest Autotip version (3.0.1)

  • Launcher Fixes

    2.14.0 Fixes

  • Fixed some Optifine validation issues
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the logs would be doubled
  • Fixed an issue where errors from Mojang were not properly displayed when you are trying to login to your Minecraft account through Badlion Client.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting your .minecraft folder could cause issues with the Mojang login system working.
  • Fixed an issue with our Discord logic which sometimes would stop the client from properly shutting down and cause issues when updating (Get off of Windows 7 and 8! You are running out of time!)
  • [Win] Fixed an issue where some users were being told to upgrade their computer to Windows 10 when they were already on Windows 10 (thanks Microsoft).
  • [masOS] Fixed an issue where if you left your Minecraft folder blank in the launcher that it would try to use this non-existent location.

  • Minecraft Fixes

    2.14.3 Fixes

  • [1.14+] Fixed an issue where boats were stuttering
  • [All] Fixed the FOV mod to behave like it used to with some new options available in the mod
  • [All] Fixed /namehistory to shortcut to the name history mod…wasn't working properly
  • [All] Fixed some "memory problems" with Schematica mod
  • [All] Fixed an issue where autogg was being too friendly and saying gg when it should not have
  • [All] Fixed a conflict between the ClearGlass mod and Optifine clear glass options
  • [All] Fixed a crash triggered by opening the slideout menu and being very unlucky
  • [All] Fixed an issue where name history mod would crash if you would not click on a name when using the hotkeys

  • 2.14.2 Fixes

  • [1.14+] Fixed an issue where certain cosmetics (such as chroma) were not properly changing colors
  • [All] Fixed a crash related to Name History Mod
  • [All] Fixed an issue where keybinds were not saving when closing the menu
  • [All] Fixed an issue with the animations mod sometimes flipping the fishing rod backwards due to an Optifine setting conflict
  • [All] "Fixed" an issue where hitboxes would have a red and blue line around the head…long story short, we disabled this vanilla feature a long time ago, but recently added an option in the animations mod called 1.7 hitboxes, which is now enabled by default for all users to make the hitboxes the same as Badlion Client 2.13 and earlier

  • 2.14.1 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed an issue with mod locking causing a crash with text mods
  • [All] Fixed the boss bar to be disabled when the mod is turned off
  • [All] Fixed crash related to search bar being empty for Skyblock Addons
  • [All] Fixed Cupid Bow to properly render in the Cosmetics menu

  • 2.14.0 Fixes

  • [1.15.2] Fixed an issue where some scrollbars were super slow
  • [1.15.2] Fixed an issue where Potion effects level > 5 were not showing up in inventory
  • [1.15.2] Fixed an issue where boats were stuttering when moving
  • [1.15.2] Fixed an issue where Optifine was freezing your game when launching
  • [1.15.2] Fixed an issue where using 3rd person view with optifine would crash your game
  • [1.15.2] Fixed Ore Overlay compatibility
  • [1.15.2] Fixed Weapon cosmetics not working properly
  • [1.14+] Fixed a vanilla crash related to books with custom text inside of them
  • [1.14+] Fixed a crash when you sometimes missed a player when attacking (get better and stop missing!)
  • [1.14] Fixed an issue with Schematica rendering weirdly
  • [1.12+] Fixed a double vision problem where shields were rendering twice
  • [1.8] Fixed an issue where screenshots were not uploading to Badlion servers properly sometimes
  • [1.7] Fixed HD skins not rendering properly
  • [1.7] Fixed an issue where Emotes were not working
  • [1.7] Fixed Sprays so they…well actually spray something
  • [1.7-1.12] Fixed an issue where texture information could sometimes become corrupted and crash the game
  • [1.7-1.12] Fixed an issue with LWJGL 2.9 where you could not use shift and mouse button 4 at the same time
  • [1.7-1.12] Fixed an issue (again) where under certain conditions mods would resize on each restart (I promise guys, we are running out of possible problems!)
  • [All] Fixed an issue where Schematica would sometimes crash due to air not being properly recognized
  • [All] Fixed an issue where the color picker would move randomly to the left after picking a color
  • [All] Fixed a vanilla issue where sometimes the single player game would trigger a crash if the right conditions were met
  • [All] Fixed a vanilla issue where reading resource packs sometimes would still trigger crashes if they were invalid
  • [All] Fixed an issue where pasting really large messages into the chat could crash the game
  • [All] Fixed an issue where replay mod would crash sometimes if you clicked around too quickly
  • [All] Fixed an issue where textures would sometimes fail to bind and crash the client
  • [All] Fixed an issue where text mods were not working with mod locking
  • [All] Fixed an issue where crosshairs were not showing up in F5
  • [All] Fixed an issue where Optifine capes were flashing purple
  • [All] Fixed some cosmetics' colors not working correctly
  • [All] Fixed an issue where Crosshair would change color while aiming at invisible players
  • [All] Fixed a game breaking bug where Direction mod was off by a pixel. You're welcome everyone, crisis has now been avoided
  • [All] Fixed an issue where Inventory blur would make your screen all red
  • [All] Fixed an issue where the right shift key was not working properly for the slideout menu
  • [All] Fixed it so Insider name-tags hide when sneaking
  • [All] Fixed an issue where the direction mod would get smaller when SE/NE/SW/NW would be displayed
  • [All] Fixed an issue with backpack not displaying items correctly (Skyblock addons)
  • [All] Fixed a memory leak where cosmetics were not always being unloaded in certain situations
  • [All] Fixed an issue where sometimes our logo would go off screen in the various inventories
  • [All] Fixed way too many random crash reports that we lost count…sorry folks

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • Upgraded a few http locations to https (security is always a nice plus)
  • Changed minimum memory from 512MB to 1024MB for 64 bit operating systems (we need more RAM to be stable)
  • Moved all of our communication from random ports to 443, should help some users with weird firewalls
  • By default, we now populate your Minecraft path into the Launcher settings instead of just leaving it blank like we did before
  • General improvements to anticheat handling and stability
  • Changed how logger is shut down to try and fix some issues with logs being cut off sometimes on the launcher
  • [Win] Moved logs location for launcher logs from %PROGRAMFILES%\Badlion Client\ -> %APPDATA%\Badlion Client\

  • Minecraft Tweaks

  • Added our social media onto the main menu

  • We are still hard at work on Badlion Client 3.0! We have made some awesome progress in the last month with the UI. We are going to be showcasing off more previews of the client soon…and some of your favorite YouTubers and Twitch streamers might even get to showcase it in some videos soon! At it's core Badlion Client 3.0 is still focused on creating a better Minecraft experience. For us that begins with the way you use Badlion Client, which will have more options than ever before and in a much more organized fashion.

    We will hopefully have some closed beta starting in the coming months for Badlion Client 3.0 as we get closer to completing the UI rework. After this is done we will be able to focus on all of the awesome improvements we want to bring to the client.

    For Badlion Client 2.15 we will be focusing on some more improvements and new mods that will directly be ported into Badlion Client 3.0 including:

  • An upgraded alt manager. Deleting accounts from your profiles sounds soo….nice :)
  • Replay Mod update. Add some new gizmos and gadgets to it…and…emote compatibility!? :pogchamp:
  • A more social experience. How about some more options for friends such as seeing what server they are playing on? Or even joining them?
  • More quality of life updates to older mods such as ArmorStatus, PotionStatus, etc
  • Bug Fixes
  • Whatever other crazy ideas pop into our head while we are working on it >:D

  • General Stability

    We have been hard at work trying to work through our long (and I mean long) backlog of tickets and crash reports. In Badlion Client 2.14 we have managed to close over 40 bug tickets, and are still working very aggressively to reduce the number of problems and crashes in Badlion Client. One of the big areas we are continuing to polish and improve is the UI Editing on the client. Random issues with mod resizing, configs not saving, etc. This has been a huge pain point for us and we are committed to fixing the problems, and then preventing future problems from arising.

    Thanks for your ongoing patience with us as we continue to polish off the client.

  • None

  • Badlion Client 2.14 turned into a grand slam of an update if you ask me. The long awaited improvements to the Animations mod are here, along with many other features that I didn't think we would be able to squeeze into this update. Special shout out to the Badlion Client development team who has been doing an amazing job recently at adding new features and fixing bugs.

    Make sure to join our Discord at and follow us on Twitter at to keep up to date with the latest information about Badlion Client!

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    Yay, now not so many bugs, finally!
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    Already got a bug on my side.. Glass and panes get default texture while using texture pack, with clear glass off or on.. so no matter what it's default glass
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    Amazing, Evey update you do makes a big difference I Love it, Thank you for this,
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    Come a long way since Premium haven't we?
    Great stuff.
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    for some reason I try to play the new snapshot it says there an error.
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    This is hecking amazing. I love the name history and enchant glint. I can finally make it purple.
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    oneoobi wrote

    for some reason I try to play the new snapshot it says there an error.

    You need to have the Insider rank to use 1.16 snapshots.
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    Excited for an optifine update on 1.8.9!
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