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"You have been banned via BAC"
Hello dear BAC team,

I played on my friend's account yesterday to improve his stats.
Then I had a timeout. When I wanted to play again afterwards, I noticed that I was banned by BAC.
I can now neither play from my account or from his with BAC. Why? I didn't cheat.

I would be very grateful if you checked the ban, as I cannot understand how this could have happened … :(
best regards,
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If you didn’t cheat, you could have also been banned for adding mods to the client and then joining a BAC-protected server. Regardless, both of your accounts are banned as when you get BAC-banned, you get HWID banned (meaning your computer).

Anyways, if you didn’t do any of that, and your ban was false, you will be unbanned shortly. Otherwise, you will have to wait out the 6 month initial ban.

P.S. I’m closing this thread as you cannot appeal bans.
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Thread is locked