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Website Feedback
Now with the addition of new stuff on the website comes new feedback!

The jobs section is a nice addon, nice job on that but you could always make it better. I think each job listing should be condensed down to the job title and should be made clickable and when clicked, it expands and reveals all the info, requirements etc. So instead of scrolling through to look for one specific job listing, they're all right there and you expand and view the information of the job you're applying to.
Rough draft:
This allows the page to be less cluttered for future job listings.

Front page could use a smidge more work. The main graphic we see should be updated to show the 3.0 launcher instead of the 2.0 one. Social media tab should be update to show tiktok and other platforms.

I suggested this years ago but it never really came to light. I'm suggesting that the Search bar has some sort of 'auto-complete'
Let's say I want to look up someone's name but I'm too lazy to fill it in, this is where the auto-fill comes in. I've made a graphic to give a visual to what I'm talking about.

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Thanks for the suggestions and we really appreciate all of your feedback, however please keep ideas and suggestion in the relevant forum section so that we can respond appropriately.
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