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Badlion client has way too many glitches:
The replay mod is practically unusable. It constantly teleports you everywhere and most of the time keyframes don't work. It has so many annoying automatic features like when it automatically goes to player preview mode which is annoying af. In BLC 3.0 replay mod is even worse, all the default keybinds are already taken by a different keybind, so you have to manually do the keybinds which don't even work. Rotating is super glitchy too

When you switch from badlion 3.0 to 2.0 or vise versa, the gui glitches way too much, everything changes in size, and if you press f11 everything gets all mashed up and you have to manually fix it every time

BLC 3.0's crosshair mod is annoying because it has a thickness req, for example, you cant get a godbridge cross-hair anymore because the thinnest option is still way to thick

The keystrokes mod doesn't have an option to put the keystrokes close together, and it's impossible to do it manually because sizing the mouse buttons is uneven

Inventoryblur glitches out ReplayMod to a point where it's so hard to use it and you have to activate it and deactivated it every time, and even worse you have to be in-game to change settings

I really won't ever use the direction hud because the gui looks like a blurry moving picture. It's the most useful mod, yet all the modes don't match up with any other gui, the "badlion font" option doesn't work at all

Some guis (especially armor status) randomly move and scale, for example, I can afk for a bit and once I come back the armorhud is extremely stretched.

Oh also mumble link completely doesn't work

Sometimes blc randomly downloads versions that I already have downloaded, like 1.8.9

Definitely most annoying, blc completely breaks skyblock texture packs, I sometimes use vanilla just because of how much it breaks SB packs

Whenever you alt+tab the game completely freezes, crashes, lags my pc, and glitches my audio, and the only way to fix it is to not play in full screen
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