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Badlion Client 3.1.8 - Replay Mod Bug Fixes, FPS Boost & Stability, Menus Clean up & Over 70 Bug Fixes!


Hey guys! Very happy to show you guys some of the stuff we've been working on since the BLC 3.1 launch. This is not your typical update that we usually release, this is a smaller update focused on bug fixes and some FPS stability. In this patch notes we will focus on going over what we've fixed and the future of the client.

Launcher Fixes

  • Launcher should be lighter and help with lag spikes

  • FPS Improvements/Stability

  • [All] Fix LightOverlay lagging
  • [All] Fixed issue with FPS lagging super hard in dungeons
  • [All] Improved a bunch of code to reduce lag spikes in general
  • [All] Further improvements to the FPS Boost option for higher Minecraft FPS

  • Replay Mod Bug Fixes

  • [1.12.2] Replays can now be recorded in singleplayer 1.12.2
  • [All] Replay mod timeline reset fix
  • [All] Fixed hide nametags option in replaymod affected if mod is disabled
  • [All] Fixed replay marker menu unclickable
  • [All] Fixed replay confirm popup menu unclickable
  • [All] Reset keyframe icon colors if cleared
  • [All] Replay Mod Camera Time issue
  • [All] Fixed issue with invisible armor stands being visible during replay
  • [All] Replay viewer not exitable after opening replay settings
  • [All] Disable achievement rendering when watching a replay
  • [All] Fixed an issue with playback, we fixed it by changing the method used
  • [All] Fixed replay mod rotation not working correctly and nametags
  • [All] Implemented replay mod camera roll
  • [All] Fixed the timeline being visible while in the options gui
  • [All] Fixed optifine menus in video settings not opening in replay viewer
  • [All] Replay mod multi-key keybind issue
  • [All] Fixed inventory blur showing when viewing replay
  • [All] Replay mod camera resets fixed
  • [All] Fixed pausing the game in Replay Timeline Menu to fix replay viewer getting unfocused
  • [All] Fixed arm distortion for replay mod
  • [All] Thumbnail doesn't display in Replay list
  • [All] Fixed outlayer not being shown in replay mod while in first person
  • [All] Fixed rendering not working sometimes if marker is not at start
  • [All] Fixed arm not being visible while in replay playback
  • [All] Added show nametag option to video settings
  • [All] Replay mod video customization cleanup
  • [All] Replay Mod Render Output Settings Issue
  • [All] Made it so maps stay loaded during a replay, so they are visible at all times

  • Minecraft Fixes

  • [1.12+] Fixed elytra not showing enchant glint
  • [1.14+] Fixed crash from tabbing and opening chat
  • [1.15+] Fixed shinypots color not being modified by glint mod
  • [1.15+] Fixed autotip
  • [1.16+] Fixed recipe book closing after crafting
  • [All] Skyblock not saving XP lvls (display)
  • [All] Nametag borders was rewritten completely to fix issues
  • [All] Fixed vanilla keybind element not set to focused when interacting
  • [All] Fixed Drag&Drop scrolling if the scroll is on the element itself
  • [All] Fixed Optifine chunk concurrency crash
  • [All] Fixed keybindings not handling mouse buttons correctly
  • [All] Fixed incorrect HD skin upload date display
  • [All] Fixed SBA crashing from new pet
  • [All] SBA Pet Manager crash fix
  • [All] Hide insider nametag message when sneaking
  • [All] Center heads on account dropdown, change cursor when hovering logo
  • [All] Fixed Sort unviewed panels first and stop stepping after clicking in advertisement popup
  • [All] Completed armor status resize fixing
  • [All] Bug with custom bids AH
  • [All] Fixed achievements & instructions rendering on top of guis
  • [All] Fixed time speed in TimeChanger mod not working
  • [All] Fixed inventory blur slider
  • [All] Fixed Slayer Trackers rendering in the GUI editing menu when SBA was disabled
  • [All] Fixed NPE in MiniMap
  • [All] Fixed vanilla keybinds not setting to none on escape press
  • [All] Fixed missing corner in diagonal name tag border.
  • [All] Fixed insider message and user icon showing when descending in the air
  • [All] Fixed ToggleSprint fly speed slider
  • [All] Fixed reset keys button not resetting BLC keybinds
  • [All] Fixed flickering in gui edit mode
  • [All] Fixed issue with nametag cosmetics rendering farther than the intended 64 block distance.
  • [All] Disabled Levelhead when username is hidden
  • [All] PetDisplay crash and first pet fix
  • [All] Fast render multiple texture fix
  • [All] Fixed dungeon collected essence to always show
  • [All] Fixed chroma not resetting, fix item info not respecting text color
  • [All] Fixed fast item render flickering when a texture updates
  • [All] Fixed key-moving mods in gui editor
  • [All] Fixed lvlhead still rendering when GUI is hidden with F1
  • [All] Fix signs not rendering text on multiplayer
  • [All] Fixed issue with HD Skins Menu causing shaking
  • [All] Server Resource Pack prompt not using selected prompt fixed
  • [All] Fixed issue with blockhitting still being enabled when animations were off
  • [All] Fixed levelhead not rendering properly and fixed an issue with autotip
  • [All] NPE Boss bar

  • Minecraft Changes

  • [All] Make keybind elements a bit bigger in controls menu
  • [All] Updated BLC chat to have the new small icons
  • [All] Allow more space in controls menu
  • [All] Add BLC options to original menu and slide image carousel automatically
  • [All] Made normal glass panes translucent w/ ClearGlass.
  • [All] Hide nametags and BLC icons when playing an emote
  • [All] Added text shadow back to vanilla button text
  • [All] Move position of BLC tab icon to left of player head
  • [All] Added server icon to server address mod
  • [All] Use vanilla singleplayer world selection screen
  • [All] Only show one setting category at the time for settings menu
  • [All] Small changes to tutorial, change alt title menu icon link
  • [All] Default opacity of the menu lowered down
  • [All] Fixed imperfections in how the menus were displayed

  • Replay mod still being somewhat buggy, we are still working on more fixes

  • This small update was focused on fixing bugs and making the client smoother to use, the bigger update "BLC 3.2" is right around the corner. Below I will talk about what's coming up in BLC 3.2 and BLC 3.3 and what our focus will be for the next two BLC 3.0 updates.

    BLC 3.2

    BLC 3.2 is right around the corner and we are very excited to share with all of you what we've been working on in the last month or so. This update will have the highly requested Skyblock solvers, TNT timer, FPS Improvements, Minor UI cleanups & other highly requested features and bug fixes.

    BLC 3.3

    BLC 3.3 is going to be focused on a completely new UI, FPS/performance boost, Bedwars mods, Visual mods, Motion blur improvements, Skyblock mods & Much more! We will try our best to make this update what 3.0 was supposed to be. I'm very excited about working on this and sharing our progress via

    In conclusion, thank you all for the amazing support and we will make sure to not disappoint our loyal users and make the best product we can!
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    so i am playing Minecraft and i want to trade with my villagers and i can't see there prices and the blokes are being wired is there anyway you can fix it for me pl.
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    Can't wait for the future updates :D
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    3.2 and 3.3? 👀
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    PM Link
    Are resource packs fixed?
    My PacksHQ pack renders all heads as one…
    PM Link
    Yes, I had the problem too. There are also problems with the durability
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    Is right around the corner 👀
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    Please, please, please don't change the UI back to BLC. the BLC3UI is soooooooooooo good. If you really wanna change it, please don't make it back to normal. The BLC 3 mods menu and main menu is all I ever wanted from BLC. Please ;-;
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    Can you re-add the ability to close the chat and close the badlion settings menu with left-click? It's a feature in BLC 2 that has seemed to disappear in BLC 3. I find it an incredibly useful feature and I would really want it added back in BLC 3.

    Basically, it's the feature where you can use left click to close chat instead of having to reach and hit escape.

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    ME TOO :O
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    i have a problem where the swords dont have a 3d texture in my pack the side is missing so u can only see the top part
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    Please Fix Badlion Not rendering skins in 1.1.6
    1.8.9 Skins render
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    sin duda el mejor cliente de todos
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    i have a question, Will there be schematica in version 1.14 or later (litematica)in 3.2 or 3.3 ? because it cannot be used in 1.16.5 (schematics do not load and it freeze)
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    PM Link
    So basically I don't know if it this update(never had this problem before) Badlion although capped at 4096MB ram usage will use up 9-10GB of ram and start freezing game
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