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Badlion Client 3.4 - Hystats, Player Viewer, Block Height Overlay, Dungeons Secrets Guide, Tab Mod, Nametag Mod, Optifine 1.17.1 & Much More!


Hello everyone, I'm super happy to announce that we've released BLC 3.4! This update's focus was to add key mods missing from the client that a large portion of the community has been asking for! We've gone ahead and added Hystats, a bunch of Skyblock Mods, upgraded a bunch of our old mods & much more!

I suggest reading the "upcoming features" section down at the bottom of the post. It's mainly about what's coming to 3.5+ update to some stuff we will be removing & explaining why.


Hystats has finally arrived on BLC 3.4! We're so happy to finally bring this to our client and we will be starting by adding it to the popular gamemodes Skywars & Bedwars.

How to get started guide:

Here's a list of the features available today:

  • Ability to change the color of all the text
  • Show Session
  • Show Kills Stats
  • Show Win Stats
  • Show Coins
  • Show Level Info
  • Show Winstreak
  • Text Shadow
  • Show Final Kill Stats
  • Show FKDR
  • Show Bed Stats
  • Show Head Stats
  • Show Souls Stats

  • We will be adding Hystats to more gamemodes in the future, stay tuned!

    Betterframes Upgrade

    In this update for Badlion Client we have begun to take a closer look at how we can make the Minecraft game engine have more stable and higher FPS. In this update we have gone ahead and added new improvements to the client to improve your FPS. The largest area you will see an increase in FPS currently is in Skyblock Dungeons. Make sure you have the "FPS Boost" option enabled to get that smoother and higher FPS improvement!

    Keep an eye on BLC 3.5 for more FPS improvements, as it is something now we will be improving in every update to Badlion Client for the foreseeable future.

    We've also given the ability to our users to have a bit more freedom in terms of what appears on their screen. Here are some options we've added to Betterframes so you can now decide how clean your game will look!

  • Hide Flowers
  • Hide Double Tall Flowers
  • Hide Fences
  • Hide Fence Gates
  • Hide Skull
  • Hide Armor Stands
  • Hide Item Frames

  • Optifine 1.17.1 Optifine

    Come online and try out the new BLC optifine update to 1.17.1!

    Skyblock Addons Upgrade

    Skyblock is a gamemode we will always be looking at upgrading so you can expect to have Skyblock related features every major BLC update we push. We've gone ahead and added the most requested features by our community in this latest update. Check them out here:

    Player Viewer

    The highly requested Skyblock Player Viewer is an add-on made to showcase your profile information in a simple yet efficient way. You can view all your level progress, levels, stats & MUCH more!

    Dungeon Secret Guide

    A useful add-on that helps you run your dungeons as quickly as possible! This Secrets guide add-on highlights all of the secrets in dungeons so you can do them as efficiently as possible. Stuff like fairy souls, wither essences, etc will be highlighted.

    Here's a quick guide on how each highlight looks:

    Fairy Souls - Pink
    Wither Essences - Black
    Chests - Green
    Item Pickup - Blue
    Bats - Brown

    Now all of you can find those missing secrets while playing Skyblock Dungeons on Badlion Client!

    Real Livid Showcase

    We have gone ahead and finally implemented a feature that allows you to detect the real livid you and your team need to kill in Floor V and Master Floor V.

    The feature will highlight the real livid, as well as showcase their health in its own widget that you may move where you please.

    Fairy Souls Waypoints

    Another Skyblock feature we have added is the "Fairy Souls Waypoints" feature. This feature will add waypoints to every single fairy soul in the game (except for those inside dungeon rooms). The moment you click the fairy soul it will disappear from your view. Another way to remove them is through the mod menu or a keybind you set (note: these last two will remove all waypoints from the current island).

    The fairy souls waypoints depend on the account and the mod profile you are on. So if you wish to stop mid soul hunt and switch profiles the progress won't be lost.

    EnderSlayer (Voidgloom) Support

  • Voidgloom Tracker - Shows your drops for the voidgloom slayer
  • Beacon Warning - Upon the slayer holding a beacon you will receive a message about it
  • Beacon Highlight - Beacon will be highlighted once it's placed down
  • Beacon Waypoint - A waypoint will be placed so you can easily find the beacon
  • Skull Warning - Once the Skulls are thrown, a notification will be sent
  • Skull Highlight - The color of the skulls will be changed to whatever color you choose once placed

  • Fishing Utilities

    We are finally adding more features to the users that love to fish on Skyblock. Fishing Utilities is a QoL feature that will ensure you are maximizing your fishing.

    The mod contains the following features included on it:

  • Fishing Time
  • Sea Creatures - Sea Creatures caught in current session
  • Milestones - Milestones obtained in current session
  • Session XP - Current XP earned
  • Last Session XP - How XP earned last time you fished
  • Pet - Show current fishing pet
  • Fishing [level] - Shows the current % of your fishing level
  • Dolphin Boost - Shows the Dolphin Boost % you are obtaining
  • Expertise [level] - Shows current expertise count for the rod

  • Drop Counters

    We have gone ahead and added a drops counter for every single possible boss/event/slayer/fishing/area of the game!

    Here is a quick list of what we currently support:

  • All slayers (separate from this feature)
  • Fishing
  • Fishing Winter
  • Fishing Festival
  • Fishing Spooky
  • Mythological Event
  • Crystal Hollows
  • The Mist (Ghosts)
  • All Dungeon Floors (Including Masters)

  • Extra Feature:
    Dungeon Stats, it showcases the following global dungeon stats:
  • Wither Doors Opened
  • Blood Rooms Opened
  • Puzzle Failed
  • Deaths

  • Misc

  • Legion Boost - Will show how many users are around you once the legion enchantment is applied to your armor
  • Wither Shield Timer - A timer will be shown to show when the next time you will be able to use the wither shield ability

  • Block Height Overlay

    With this mod enabled you will be able to view the height limit on Bedwars maps on Hypixel! It will put an overlay on the block at the height limit. We plan on upgrading this mod as time goes on and improving it! This mod is highly customizable so don't worry if you don't like how the default version of it looks :)

    You will also be able to have a widget that tells you what map you currently are on and what the max height is!

    Microsoft Login

    We've gone ahead and fixed all the main issues with the previous system (Needing to relog if you change account), ect. We've looked at any main issues that could of been happening since this system is the one that everyone will be using going forward.

    It should be working on the alt manager and the launcher. Let us know of any issues!

    Name Tags Mod

    We've been adding a bunch of features to nametags in the last few updates, so we decided to make it simple and put all the options related to nametags in a single mod that is easy to understand.

    List of features:

  • Show Name Tag in F5
  • Show Name Tag in F1 (Shows nametag when you press f1)
  • Text Shadow
  • Badlion Font
  • Badlion Unicode
  • Background color (You can now change the color of the black background to your liking)
  • Toggle Show Name tags (You can create a keybind to make name tags disappear
  • Nametag icons (Disable Badlion Icons next to name)
  • Insider Custom messages (Disable them)
  • Nametag borders (Disable name tag borders that insiders get)

  • Tab Mod

    We've added a new mod called "Tab" which basically allows you to customize your Playerlist/Tab list in Minecraft!

    Here are the options we offer to our players:

  • Highlight Name on Tab List
  • Text Shadows for names and ping
  • You can disable the Header/Footer of the tab list
  • You can change the color/Opacity of the tab list
  • Dynamic Ping color
  • Disable Player heads
  • Move yourself at the top of the tab list
  • Use Badlion Font
  • Disable/Enable Ping
  • Show BLC Icons
  • Remove guild tags/npcs (Hypixel)

  • FOV Changer v2

    The FOV mod allows you to change anything you want with the FOV system of Minecraft. Do you want the same FOV when using Speed as you would without the speed effect? That's the mod for you.

    Our goal with this mod is to make it as user-friendly as possible since it was quite complicated in the past. Here are the main changes done to this:

  • You can now type the FOV you want instead of needing to only use the slider
  • You can now use decimals
  • Now the mod will remember your default FOV when resetting the mod
  • If you hover the input field for "Sprinting FOV" it will now tell you the correct formula to obtain your normal sprint FOV

  • Emotes Upgrade

    We've been looking at upgrading our emote system lately and make it more user friendly for everyone to enjoy. Here's the 2 improvements we've made so far to our emote system!

  • We've fixed the massive FPS drops from emoting which caused big issues for players in the past, it should not be a problem anymore.
  • You can now disable cosmetics when emoting!

  • Zoom Mod

    A lot of players have been requesting that we rework our Zoom mod so we've obliged!

    We've fixed a bunch of bugs regarding zoom sensitivity. We've also added "Smooth zoom".

    All options this mod offers:

  • Use Optifine Zoom
  • Badlion Zoom Keybind
  • Keybind Toggle
  • Scroll To Zoom In Farther
  • Smooth Camera Movement
  • Smooth Zoom
  • Scroll In Zoom Speed Slider
  • Default Zoom Slider
  • Zoom Mouse Sensitivity
  • Zoom Mouse Sensitivity Ration Slider

  • Misc

  • Toggle Chat - Remove Guild MOTD, Option to show Party= P, Ability to abbreviate ranks.
  • Particles Mod - Glowing Particles! You can make your particles glow if you want :)
  • Enchant Glint - "Disable All Enchantment Glint" is now an option
  • Ping Mod - Ping Mod should be way more accurate now
  • Potion Status - A lot more options now on how you want to display the mod
  • Animations - 1.7 Enchantment glint is fixed, Hit color should be closer to 1.7
  • TimeChanger - You can now view the time while adjusting it. We also made it clearer what time you are changing it to
  • ArmorStatus - Ability to not show the durability
  • Bedwars Beds - Made it easier to detect the textured beds

  • BLC 3.4

  • [1.7] Removed Mods from Higher versions that didn't work on 1.7
  • [1.7] PackTweak making potions too small
  • [1.12] Text Disappearing in 1.12
  • [1.17] Ender Portals looking really weird
  • [1.17] Schematica 1.17 issues - Outline is being misplaced, The whole rendering also disappears when moving
  • [MAC] CMD+KEY issue MacOS fixed
  • [MAC] MacOS Input Field Issue
  • [All] Nametags/Hud going full black
  • [All] Crash in Experimentation Solver
  • [All] We've optimized the font for all menus
  • [All] Hypixel skyblock skillprogress mod uses inaccurate calculations
  • [All] Issues with Demon Shield
  • [All] AutoTip not working properly
  • [All] Reverse order on mods issue
  • [All] LevelHead not showcasing levels
  • [All] Hypixel filter missing togglechat
  • [All] Mod Credit Text being black
  • [All] Nickhider not working correctly
  • [All] Fixed a bunch of issues with bedwars bed
  • [All] Hypixel replay messing up level head mod
  • [All] Blue lightning cosmetic issue
  • [All] Cosmetic menu being broken/lagging
  • [All] Color Pickers broken
  • [All] Dragon wings not being too fast
  • [All] Outfit menu didn't work at all
  • [All] Some items being invisible on the floor
  • [All] Emote/Spray showing names out of bound
  • [All] Blaze room solver was broken
  • [All] Cosmetic lighting being too bright
  • [All] Alt manager is not setting as active correctly
  • [All] Zoom mod getting stuck in cinematic
  • [All] Optifine/FPS Boost text rendering issues
  • [All] SkyblockAddons typos
  • [All] The "Block Harvest Particles" feature doesn't work
  • [All] Mod Profiles Not Loading Issues
  • [All] Quickplay custom lobby command can sometimes trigger a spamming commands error
  • [All] Some emotes did not work
  • [All] Goat shield not showing the proper texture
  • [All] Enchantglint settings per item do not work
  • [All] SBA - Some settings are not resetting
  • [All] Dungeon Milestone Not Working
  • [All] Skyblock Item Highlight does not work
  • [All] Minimap issue - Not loading in singleplayer
  • [All] AutoGG + Sumo Issue
  • [All] Replay Mod Player Rendering Issue
  • [All] Emotes Wings Issue
  • [All] Cosmetics being in the wrong place, direction, etc. issue
  • [All] Scroll resets when refreshing a mod menu.
  • [All] Chat Formatting issues (hex; &r)
  • [All] Keybind Issue
  • [All] Bunch of various crashes from every version

  • We're going to make some huge changes for the client in BLC 3.5. We will also be removing some stuff after the update, which I will talk about below.

    Here's some stuff we'll be working on:

  • Replay mod UPGRADE!
  • FPS Improvements
  • Features to showcase our new mods/features and help new users navigate around
  • More Skyblock add-ons! We plan on always having something for Skyblock in our updates
  • Crosshair mod update
  • Emote upgrades
  • Reworked chat & theme manager will be back!
  • And much more

  • Here's what we are removing from our client after BLC 3.5 Launches:

    BLC 2.0

    We are finally removing Badlion Client 2.0 version from our launcher. The main reason we had it for so long is that we were not happy with how our BLC 3.0 UI looked for a long time so we wanted our users to have the option to still use the BLC 2.0 version of the client that a lot of users preferred. Now since our UI rework, we are much happier with how BLC 3.0 looks and most of our users have moved to the BLC 3.0 version.

    We are removing it for 2 main reasons:

    1. We are receiving a lot of bug reports from BLC 2.0 (a lot buggier than 3.0 for example) and since we are not updating that version, it's making it hard for us to track which version of the client it comes from and it also creates more workload towards our devs.

    2. It's very buggy/outdated compared to BLC 3.0/other clients. We feel that if a new user downloads BLC for the first time and uses BLC 2.0, they get a negative impression of the Badlion brand.

    Before BLC 2.0 is gone, I want to personally ask our player-base that still uses that version to let us know why you use it & if there's any BLC 2.0 feature currently missing from Badlion 3.0 that we should be adding!

    Versions 1.7.10, 1.14 and 1.15

    We are dropping the development for 1.7, 1.14 and 1.15. This means we are not gonna update these versions anymore with new mods, etc. We might push bug fixes and such but from after 3.5, we will not update these anymore. We are not removing these versions from the client, we are simply not updating them with new features.

    The reasons we are doing this are:

    1. We don't have many players on these versions and it's wasting a lot of dev time that we could be using on improving the other versions.

    2. The versions are very different code wise so adapting our code for 1.7 is a huge waste of time when so few people still play Minecraft 1.7.

    I'm personally a 1.7 user and it definitely pains me a bit to do this but the sad reality of it is that it's for the greater good of Badlion Client and hopefully from now on our updates will be bigger & better :)


    These changes will take effect AFTER BLC 3.5 and not before, you will still be able to use Badlion 2.0 until then.
    If you are a 1.7/1.14/1.15 user and want some last minute features in 3.5 before we stop updating them, let us know and we will try our best :D!

    If you are Badlion 2.0 user and want to make the switch I would make a new profile from scratch since we've updated so many mods/scaling that your mods will probably look very stretched out, etc.

  • None :)

  • We are super excited to share this huge update with the Minecraft community today. This is probably our largest update so far since the Badlion Client 3.0 release at the end of last year.

    If you love what we are doing, tell a friend. The number of people using Badlion Client every day is still growing and we are excited to keep becoming a larger community together.

    Much love!

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    @RRDZ549 @riggelin I sent a message to both of you. Please check forums DMs.
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    Make sure to use BLC3 on the launcher
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