BLC 3.8 - Party System, SBA Upgrade, BLC Chat, Friends List Upgrade, MiniMap Upgrade, PVP Info Mod and MouseStrokes!


The Badlion Client team is happy to announce our latest client update! In this update our focus was to bring life to some our older mods and also bring more social aspects to the Badlion client! In the coming weeks, we will be releasing mini updates that are focused on the new Skyblock Nether update, so stay tuned!

Skyblock Addons

Improved Arrow Solver

As announced in the Discord we wanted to release cool new Skyblock features and improve some of your Skyblock Mods with the 3.8 Update.
Our F7 Arrow Device Solver got improved by a lot with that update. Look below to see how it works now.

How it works:

The reworked Arrow Device Solver works similar to other mods'.
You will now see numbers in front of the item frames, corresponding to the amount of times you have clicked on the item frame until it's at the right position.

With that change we improved the time that the Arrow Device takes with Badlion Terminal Mods by a lot.

Improved Crypt Highlight

With our dungeon secrets guide, the blast areas for a secret will now highlight the entire wall rather than just a single block of the wall. This is a small but cool QoL change for the mod, we have a lot more improvements coming so be sure to keep your eyes open

Item Recipe UI

One of the biggest and most requested features that the community has been requesting was the Item Recipe UI from NEU. Well, we can proudly say that this feature is now on the Client, after working on other features like the Player Viewer and the Item Price Info we were able to easily create this feature with some extra features that you are all gonna enjoy.

As of right now, every single Skyblock UI is gonna have the recipe UI on it as well. This will allow players to easily get information on any item currently in the game (Excluding Alpha Network items)

At the the top of the UI you will find a search bar, that will allow you to either:

  • Search for an item in the UI
  • Search for an item in your inventory/backpack/enderchest - yes, our system will tell you in which of this three places the item will be found

  • The body of the UI, where all the items are, will change from player to player. If you have the item rarity showcase activated, you will see the rarity of the item, if you have a custom enchant color activated the UI will also show that color on that enchant, lastly if you have Item Price info activated, the UI will also show you the price information for the item.

    Here's an example of it:

    When you click on an item that has a recipe, you will be able to obtain their recipe from there. This includes recipes for other custom items found on the main recipe, take this example for the "Axe of the Shredded":

    This recipe UI will also tell you how much it costs to craft the item with raw ingredients and which collection it can be found on.

    Lastly, the body of the UI allows you to favorite items so that they are always at the top of the list no matter the profile, or ordering.

    At the bottom of the UI you will see two sections:

    Top Left
    This section will include the ordering of the items, by default they are ordered from most valuable to least valuable. However by pressing the "$" button you can find other ways of sorting based on value
    The "A" will sort the items on alphabetical order, and the Star will sort them based on rarity
    Top Right and Bottom Right
    This section is independent of the ordering, as this is known as our filters. Meaning that you can have multiple filters on at the same time, here is the list of filters we have:

  • Reforge Stones
  • Enchants
  • Cosmetics (Mainly Pet cosmetics)
  • Accessories
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Pets
  • Mobs

  • Minion Menu Upgrades

    The Minion Menu is probably one of the most used Menus in all of Skyblock, so we figured it'd be nice to do something for it.

    Therefore, from here on now whenever you open a Minion Menu with this feature enabled you'll be shown if you have the needed buffs to maximize your XP, how much XP you'll get from that minion as well as an estimate on how many coins you could earn from them!!!

    BLC Parties

    New to Badlion is a new party system that allows BLC users to get more out of their favorite mods than ever before. Great for team based games our party system enables our team to do things in our client that previously was not practical or even impossible. To create a party simply right click one of your friends in our friends menu and click invite to party and they will receive a notification to join.

    Once your friend joins the party you will be able to see all party members and promote people to party host through the party menu!

    We have a variety of ideas upcoming, but to start with we implemented this for our Secrets Guide for Skyblock Dungeons.

    Example: Your teammate collects 1 out of 2 secrets in a room and you enter with secrets guide enabled.

    Without BLC parties: As we would not be able to know which secret was collected and the room is not complete we would highlight all secrets.
    With BLC parties: By communicating to the rest of your party we can now know exactly which bat, lever or chest your teammates have gotten and will only highlight the remaining secrets for that room providing a far more efficient and complete experience.

    This system opens many doors for us to do more than ever before and if you have any feature suggestions for it please let us know!

    FPS Performance Increase

    We went ahead and cleaned up a lot of stuff on the client like old code/old mods, so mods that used to take a bit too much power should now be much better to use!

    We've added a couple of new options that you can find in the BetterFrames menu!

    Menu Clean ups & Improvements

    We still want to improve our menus and make them as good as possible so we took the initial step just to do that! We've added better outlines, new animations and much more!

    Here's what's new:

  • Opening/Closing animation for menus
  • Hover State for buttons
  • Dropdown/Color Pickers animation
  • Fixed dropdowns not being consistent
  • Sprays in menu not being centered
  • Mods name not being centered correctly in minimal style

  • We're gonna keep improving on this in the next couple of updates, can't wait to make it even better!

    Minimap Mod Rework

    We went ahead and reworked our minimap mod to be better to look at.

    This mod is one of the first mod ever added to the Badlion Client and it's about time that we finally update it to be more modern.

    Huge shoutout to the original Minecraft Map mod, zan's minimap!

    New features:

  • Added a Square version of the map
  • Added a cross cursor type
  • Added a map zoom feature
  • Added coordinates
  • Added Day & Time of the day
  • Added Biome
  • Made the border of the map to have better shadows to it

  • We're going to be adding our own custom border and also just improving the rendering of the world in the next update.

    Mouse Strokes

    Mouse Strokes is a mod that allows you to display your mouse movement similar to keystrokes. It's a nice little mod that showcases how you play the game and how you aim, very nice for youtubers/streamers.

    You can also added a CPS mod to it and there's a bunch of options to make it more customizable.

    Friend System Rework/Private Message system

    We went ahead and cleaned up the friend system to make it look a lot better, we've also added a way for you to private message your friends!

    New features:

  • Put an outline around the player's head to signal their status
  • Shows how many friend requests you have
  • Shows how long someone has been offline for
  • Changed the friend list to be on the left so notifications can be on the left and not bother anyone
  • Notifies you when you receive a private message
  • Notifies you when a friend comes online

  • BLC Chat is back!

    When we removed the BLC chat in the past, we felt it didn't really fit in and made the chat look a lot worse than before. Now you can access this chat in combination with the friend system.

    When you press your chat key, you will see a bubble icon on the bottom right. Once you click this it will bring up a new menu where you can talk in the old language channels and also see your private messages! This allows us to keep it out of the way for players who prefer vanilla chat and also allows us to not be limited with the vanilla chat which means we can add a lot of cool features going forward!

    PVP Info HUD Mod

    We want to give some love to some of our PVPers on the Badlion client, so we went ahead and added an information tab that should give you a lot of information on how well you did in a fight. This mod shows your accuracy for rods/bows and also shows how much HP you've regened. You can also decide which information you want to showcase!

    The best way to use this mod is to set up a "Reset key" in the menu and press it after every fight so it's always fresh data!

    Here's the information that you can get from this mod:

  • Arrow accuracy
  • Rod accuracy
  • Potion accuracy
  • W-Tap accuracy (Sprint reset)
  • Recovered Health
  • Option to see percentage or just raw numbers

  • Nametag Color

    We've added a way to change the color of your OWN nametag similar to our name changer in chat (Not for other people since it would mess up on servers).

    You can change everything about the color of your nametag (Chroma, Breathing, Rainbow or static!).


  • Auto Reconnect on disconnect
  • Custom Sky Support without Optifine
  • Fixed Item Stiching
  • Can now change the color of the weather in weather mod
  • Better Biome blend (Pack Tweaks)
  • Custom XP Color (Pack Tweaks)
  • Particles Mod Upgrade (Option to hide own particles on your screen, useful for PVP)
  • Animations Mod - Removed Shake from being hit
  • Added Mega Walls to Hystats
  • Added a new background option for ArmorStatus mod

  • Player Viewer gemstone collection saying "Head"
  • 1.19 Chat Background does not render
  • Resource Packs do not apply after restarting client
  • Clicking done on BLC tutorial clicks through and sends to forums
  • Opacity glitch with textures with opacity (water, glass, etc)
  • Worldborder not visible through glass
  • Gemstone Info causing crashes
  • Investigated floating blocks appearing randomly
  • Dropdowns and right click popups getting cut off
  • Fullbright only impacts items/entities
  • Fps boost on doesn't show holding chest in 3rd person
  • Blaze Solver Simple Mod Not Working
  • Skins Turning Black Whilst Emoting
  • The Jungle Axe cooldown feature does not work
  • The Pet Display feature does not display any information about new pets such as Ammonite
  • Autotip messages doesn't work
  • AutoGG not implemented into WoolWars new gamemode
  • Head Cosmetic with Helmet Crashing
  • Waypoint Depth issue 1.17+
  • ServerList Mod UI Scale issues
  • Friend request aren't being sent correctly
  • Global Search keybind shows up twice
  • Insider unknown time remaining issue
  • Pets causes issue with colours
  • Chunk borders mod doesn't change thickness
  • Skyblock dungeons map and secret waypoints not working
  • TimeChanger "active" when off
  • Spray is not centered
  • Dropdown lines are not consistent
  • Light overlay issue
  • Leaving singleplayer freezes client
  • Experimental table skyblock issues 1.18
  • Shadow on characters are misplaced
  • Lazy Chunk Loading causes invisible blocks
  • Mining Scoreboard not detecting drill change
  • Bunch of Crashes

  • We will be starting on a pretty big project concerning BLC in the next update, don't want to reveal much about it right now but you should expect it to do a big bang when released!

  • Icons on 1.7 might not show up for a bit.
  • Crashes, we're working and deploying fixes as we speak

  • For the next update we will be focusing more on menu improvements, FPS upgrades, New mods and also start work on our new project for the Badlion Client and I can't wait to share more on it!
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    Heya im in the party picture.
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    Very cool
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    Don't forget your century cakes!
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    Very epic
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    very nice update
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    why i cant se my item's name?
    PM Link
    only when happens Items/recipe is on.
    PM Link
    Hey, could you elaborate on this, seen a couple reports but I am not understanding the issue, need screenshots etc.
    PM Link
    I cant play at all because of the update, whenever I try and join any server, it automatically crashes the client and doesn't give me any info on why, I cant find any solution to it
    PM Link
    I can‘t see the names/prices/rarity’s etc. in ah anymore anyone else got the same problem?

    Aswell as not seeing the names of anything in my inventory, chest or enderchest.

    PM Link
    now its 2 days later sense I first had this issue, now i can log into badlion and go onto hypixel, but whenever i do i notice that the hystats mod absolutely kills my pc, I don't mind having it off at all but just wanted to let you know
    PM Link
    @LXfted69 is this happening in a specific gamemode or just in general?
    PM Link
    Is there any way to see the stuff on an item(Dont remember the name for it) in my inventory in skyblock? Like when I hover over an item when my inventory is open, I can't see anything on it(Like the name, enchants, lore)
    PM Link
    Honestly, Badlion's SBA is improving DRASTICALLY! And I love it.
    A couple of things to fix if possible,

    - Teleport Solver not working.
    Some solvers in general.
    - The dungeon secrets waypoint not working properly,
    sometimes not working at all doesn't show all the secrets in the room.
    - The dungeon minimap doesn't show the exact spot, might show you're in another room
    when you're in the other room.

    And those are things to add to make the game much easier and simpler,

    - AH/Inventory search Items and enchants make flipping easier and cleaning your own chest too.
    - PV (Profile view) as mentioned in the theater above.
    - An AH search menu, where you can choose the item you want and the stars if required.
    This filters most of the things.
    - Easy access to Ender chest & backpacks
    Accessing all the ender chests and backpacks easily like other mods, all in 1 page.

    That is all for now since I do not have enough experience but I wanted to help you out by mentioning some of it.
    I see a bright future coming on, especially for the Badlion Skyblock community, and later on the PVP community.
    Take care.

    Oxy ^-^
    PM Link
    Love the feedback, thank you a lot! Will get our testing team to look into this asap and fix any of the issues that you're experiencing
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