BLC 3.9 - Survival Mod, Custom Panorama, Tactical Markers & Bug Fixes!

Hey everyone, back with another BLC update! We're now at BLC 3.9! This update is a bit smaller than usual since *no spoiler* but we'll be starting on a huge project for BLC 3.10! In this update we wanted to give some love to our survival users and created a new mod called the survival mod, make sure to read below for more information!

I'm super happy with the current direction of the client going forward, we will be showing sneak peaks on twitter in the future about our newest project so make sure to check it out!

Survival Mod

Survival mod is a new mod similar to our Pack Tweaks mod, it contains a bunch of different features but instead of being for visual QoLs, it's survival QoLs (Quality Of Life)! (Higher Versions of Minecraft only!)

We want to improve the MC Survival experience going forward and that's a good step forward in this direction. This mod will be updated regularly so make sure to let us know what kind of features you want to see into it!

We understand how some of these features shouldn't be allowed on multiplayer sessions so we made this mod work ONLY in survival unless you are running our API. This API is pretty easy to use and allows you to enable these features as you see fit since some of these features should not mix with the general multiplayer player base.

Here's a list of features:

Anti Breaking tool

Like the name suggests, this feature allows you to never break your tools! It's not an infinite hack or anything of the sort, the moment that we detect that you would break your tool, this features stops you from using the tool!

This feature is very useful for our users that plan on taking big projects like clearing a mountain or mining a chunk! This will save you a bunch of time since you won't have to create new tools anymore! It will give you a warning in chat saying the tool has reached maximum use!

Enderchest/Shulker Box inventory preview

With this feature enabled, you are able to hover your mouse over an Enderchest/Shulker Box and see what it contains. This feature allows you to check what you have inside of them without having to put them on the ground and check over and over again!

Chest Search Bar

Tired of having messy chests with a bunch of items that you don't need? Well this feature allows you to search for specific items in no time!

Remove Jump Scare

Tired of flying around the ocean and getting randomly jump scared by the guardians? Well this feature just removes that from the game so you don't have to deal with that!

Lock In Items

This feature, similar to how we do it in Skyblock allows you to lock items in your inventory with an hotkey! This feature is useful if you're farming certain some XP farm and want to drop a lot of items in lava but you don't want to drop your precious tools in lava!

Highlight Shulker Projectiles

Currently the Shulker projectiles are kind of hard to see in the end with certain monitors, this feature allows you to change the color of them to a solid color so you can easily avoid them!

Anti-Amethyst Mining

An annoying part of amethyst mining is that if you cannot move the stems which means if you accidently break one, it's gone for good. This feature allows you to never have to worry about miss-clicking and breaking a stem! You will still be allowed to mine the crystals, it just won't allow you to mine the stems.

Tactical Markers

This new feature is made for team gamemodes! It works together with our party system, this allows you to ping a location so everyone in your party can view it! Idea is from battle royales, this system will improved further in the future but for now this is our V1 of it!

  • Hotkey to put down a tactical marker
  • Hotkey to delete your tactical marker
  • Works with the compass
  • Change Opacity of your marker

  • Planned features:

  • Sounds when a ping is created
  • Works with the minimap
  • Allows you to change the size of it
  • Allow to mute teammates' ability to ping
  • Multiple types of pings/Colors

  • FPS Improvements

    We went ahead and cleaned up a lot of our old code and improved the performance of more mods. We also found a couple of issues for 1.8 so next update you can expect a lot of smoothness gains!

    Custom Panorama

    We created a system where we can go ahead and change the panorama to our liking. This allows us to have nice themes during events/holidays. We currently have a placeholder until we're ready to start having really nicely made ones.

    In the future we plan on having a library that users can pick from, so don't worry if you don't like a specific one, you will be able to switch between a few of them!

    Smart Disconnect

    This feature is very simple and easy to use, when active you are asked if you are sure you want to disconnect from the server you're currently on whenever you press the disconnect button. This feature is off by default!

    AutoGG Custom Messages

    This feature allows you to type custom messages on Hypixel following your auto GG after a match.


    When this feature is activated, it basically automatically types /map and /who once you join a Bedwars and Skywars lobby.

    Friends System Improvements/Chat Improvements

    We went ahead and added a couple of features/fixes to the friends system/chat system. These systems are always something we will be working towards improving in most future updates since we want to make sure they are at the best state they can be.

  • You are now able to block users in chat
  • You can now set up an hotkey to open BLC Chat
  • You now receive a notification of a friend request when you log in
  • You now have the ability to cancel on-going friend requests

  • Misc

  • Hotkey to toggle fullbright on/off
  • Updated the credits for Skyblock mod
  • Armor Status Upgrade (holding a block shows the number of blocks in the inventory not just the stack you're holding)
  • Potion Status Improvements
  • Ore Overlay Moved to pack tweaks
  • GUI Mod Improvements (More menus added)
  • Improved cosmetics when using shaders
  • Skyblock Terminal Solvers - reworked arrow puzzle

  • Enhanced Minion Menu Render Issue
  • Fishing Utilities do not detect Ammonite as a fishing pet
  • Not able to see nametags behind paintings
  • Default time for booster cookie was wrong
  • Fixed nametags having the wrong lighting when fps boost is off
  • Block Info breaks lighting in chest GUIs on higher versions.
  • Resource packs overlays needs to reapply after every relaunch
  • Certain languages have broken widths
  • Teleport Pad Solver highlight issues
  • BLC Chat sending multiple messages when chat is down
  • Item counter issue
  • Signs text is not being shown
  • Player Viewer Inventory not showing
  • Dungeon Secret Name Issue
  • Bow cosmetics appear enchanted
  • Hystats text overlaps when using a different in-game language other than English
  • Light Overlay distance is broken.
  • Bedwars Beds Color does not work on "Blossom"
  • TnT Timer Shakes Weirdly
  • Player Viewer Profiles Not Displaying
  • TNT Timer mod stopped working
  • Enchant Glint Issue
  • Cosmetics dont show in your inventory in higher versions
  • Crystal Hollows Map Issue
  • Global Search Not Working
  • The Light Overlay Mod stops working as soon you enable the "fabulous" graphics mode.
  • Crosshair GUI scaling issue
  • Main Menu is not centered
  • Dragon wings and insider icon chroma not working
  • Minimap badlion font issu
  • Chunk borders mod doesn't change thickness

  • Secret :) L i .. . . . . . .

    Smaller update than usual but Im still glad we were able to bring this out. Like I said, we will be looking at a bigger update for 3.10 which means you should keep an out for it! This project is something I hold very dear to my heart so I would love some good feedback when we start showing it out! Thank you all for using the Badlion Client <3


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    Good Update, good devs, good testers, good team, everything is good!
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    Cool update :)
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    Great update! Looking forward for the future :D
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    Ayooooooo can't wait for more additions to the singleplayer mod!!
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    The update sounds cool, but the version I mainly play, 1.18.1, has been removed! If this issue gets fixed, please let me know.

    Ok, I found out that 1.18.1 is not being supported by Badlion anymore, but now the question is why?
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    appleboy711 wrote

    The update sounds cool, but the version I mainly play, 1.18.1, has been removed! If this issue gets fixed, please let me know.

    Ok, I found out that 1.18.1 is not being supported by Badlion anymore, but now the question is why?

    Use 1.18.2 it's newer and the removal was intended @appleboy711
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    Chrimson Isle? Lol
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    glad to see so many bug fixes but the toggle chat hotkey in the chat mod has been broken for a long while now without any attention
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    Really good updates the tnt one really annoyed me so thanks -111kph
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    Very good update i was just wondering if you could add something were you could put n your on mods (very draging the files) for single player worlds
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    also how much is insider
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    julie_Is_baka wrote

    Very good update i was just wondering if you could add something were you could put n your on mods (very draging the files) for single player worlds
    If you mean like adding your own mods for singleplayer, we won't add it because people could add unfair advantages.
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    julie_Is_baka wrote

    also how much is insider
    Insider has multiple subscriptions. The cheapest one costs 5$. All of the info can be found here:
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    3.9 pog
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    yes im so glad we can play the cHrinsom Ilse in skyblock. in all seriousness I love you badlion team :D I saw one of you on the alpha network!
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    les goooo
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