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Replay Mod Issues
Whole bunch of stuff around keyframes is broken within the replay mod
-Adjusting the camera position/angle for a position keyframe breaks the camera smoothing. This can be fixed by changing the keyframe's time
-Both position and time keyframes can "stick" to the keyframe timeline cursor. In extreme cases, keyframe will stick to the replay cursor as well
-Adjusting time keyframes can create "ghost" position keyframes, which cannot be clicked on, and persist through saves. Only removing all keyframes will get rid of them
-Minute slider on all keyframes is 100% non-functional. For time keyframes, opening the options for one with any minute values will wipe those values, changing the replay
-Occasionally, attempting to play through the keyframe timeline will fail, causing the next attempt at playback to crash Minecraft

-Create multiple points, and adjust one's position or angle
-Create a keyframe, and then move the cursor around
-Drag and drop a time keyframe repeatedly
-Create a replay over a minute long, move replay timeline to past one minute, create a time keyframe, and then edit said keyframe
-Create a replay, then attempt to play it. If it seems to not play, stop and then start it again

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Please submit a bug report using the button at the very bottom of the launcher, and fill in the fields given. Make sure not to delete any links uploaded by the launcher.

If you don't know how to submit a bug report please make sure to follow these instructions:

Sincerely, uausonosalvo
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