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Minecraft 1.19 Now Available On The Badlion Client

Hey everyone, just wanted to announce that Minecraft's newest versions 1.19 is now available on the Badlion Client.

We're going to be working hard on any issues/bugs that you may encounter, just make sure to report anything you think is broken!

Here's a bunch of features we offer on day 1:

  • Shaders Support
  • Minimap Mod
  • Survival Mod (Bunch of QoL), read more:
  • ArmorStatus/Potion Status
  • & all the mods we offer in the other versions!

  • Learn more & read about the update what the Badlion Client can offer you on the latest Minecraft version!

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    nice :DDDDDDDDD
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    That's great! when you guys releasing badlion 4.0?
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    lets goooo
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