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BLC 3.10 - FPS Improvements/Smoothness, SBA Upgrades, Custom Crosshair Presets, Custom Nick Hider, DataPacks Improvements & More!

Hey everyone! We're back with another BLC Update! BLC 3.10's main priorities were cleaning up the client with some issues some users have that made their game not smooth on 1.8 and also adding a couple of new highly requested features.

We've also released our support for Minecraft 1.19, make sure to check it out :D

Besides that, we have a pretty big project coming on it's way in the next month or so, make sure to keep yourself updated on our twitter to know more about it when it's closer to release!

  • BLC Twitter

  • FPS Improvements/Smoothness

    We found an issue that caused your game to be a bit jittery when moving your mouse in 1.8 and above. It was caused by a conflict from our world optimization feature. We went ahead and fixed that and hopefully now it should be buttery smooth!

    We also looked into improving the performance in a couple of different areas (Lobbies/void maps)

    We've looked at optimizing textures on the client quite a bit.

    Custom Crosshair Presets

    We also added a feature to select premade crosshairs from resourcepacks all over the net.
    All you need to do is click the "Preset" button and a list of crosshairs will appear. You can choose to color them or have the
    vanilla blending option on.

    You are still able to create normal crosshairs like you used to so nothing changed there so don't panic! You can pick between the holding way making a crosshair and the presets!

    We will be updating this feature with more crosshairs over time so if you have any you'd like to see added, let us know! We're also going to be adding a couple of upgrades to the crosshair mod in the future.

    Custom Nick Hider

    You are now able to pick your own NickHider! Just type your name in the "Custom Name" area and you will be able to use that name.

    You are not able to pick an IGN already in use, this is sadly to prevent false reports and make the life of server moderators/owners easier.

    SBA Upgrades

    Fishing Utilities Upgrade

    With lava fishing now on Skyblock, we went ahead and updated our fishing mods/utilities. Let us know if we've forgotten anything!

    Search Attribute Shards On The Auction House By Their Lore

    Tired of having a hard time searching for your shards and not finding the correct one? This feature was made exactly for that reason! You can now look up specific shards by their lore on the auction house so you can now find the perfect one that you're looking for :)

    Fishing utilities for Crimson Isle

    When the "Fishing Utilities" feature is enabled, most of the information it shows did not relate to lava fishing and its mobs. We went ahead and added it to also work for lava fishing. It will display how well your fishing session went and many lava fishing mobs you killed.

    Notification when a fish is getting closer

    We've added an exclamation mark that appears when the fish gets closer to your bait. The colors change depending how far the fish is. For example, orange when it's near and red when it's ready.

    Hide other players' fishing rods while thrown

    Many users tend to fish in large groups to help each other kill mobs with lots of health and get loot from the new loot-sharing system. Good lava ponds are small, and if a lot of users are fishing there, it's impossible to see your own rod string. So we went ahead and added a fix for that, you can now Hide other people's fishing rods/particles. This should make it very easy to fish in peace.

    Blaze Slayer Helper

    We've added the Blaze Slayer helper to help you guys see them better while doing your slayer tasks!

    It highlights 2 things:

  • Fire Pits highlight
  • Fire Pillars highlight

  • Misc

  • Jerry's box tracker & Jerry's box cooldown
  • Thaumaturgy is now up to date (Magical Power)
  • Added "Thunder" & "Lord Jawbus" to the legendary sea creature warning feature

  • Tactical Marker Improvements

    We released this feature in the BLC 3.9 update and we mentioned that we'll keep updating it to make it easy/fun to use. Here's an update on that:

    New features:
  • Adjustable Size: Some users were having issues with the marker being too small. We now allow you to change the size (2x is the maximum)
  • Color Changer: You can now change the color of your marker to whatever you want so it's easier to see!
  • Sound When Placed: When you or a teammate places a tactical marker down, it will play a sound so you are aware that a ping was created (You can toggle on/off if it annoys you).
  • Mute teammate's Pings: If you are in a party and your teammate is spamming pings, you are not able to mute their pings via the party settings!

  • We're going to keep improving the feature and making sure it's the best it can be.

    DataPacks Improvements

    Showing some loves to our survival player base, we've added a few functions to our DataPacks system.

    We've added a DataPack text editor!

    Here's the list of features you can access:

  • Modify and write new text
  • Ability to save files
  • Ability to reload data packs/files (basically like being attached in an IDE)
  • A settings button
  • A light and dark mode (option in settings)
  • Allow different font sizes
  • Line counter

  • We've also added a settings menu

  • Light/Dark mode toggle
  • Font Size Slider

  • Thanks to Phoenix SC for the suggestion!


  • Animations Mod - Ghost Lava fix toggle (if on, it will help with ghost lava blocks but might be laggy for you)

  • Some FPS improvements related crashes
  • Schematica rendering was broken on 1.8.9
  • Nametag Icon Overlapping Nametag
  • [Survival Mod] Chest Inventory Lock Issue
  • [Survival Mod] Inventory Lock Crafting table issue
  • 1.7 Crashes
  • Replay mod not loading sometimes
  • [Skyblock Addons] Cracked Bricks color not changing
  • [MacOS] Messaged are not being received
  • [Block Overlay] Lines going ouside the box
  • [Survival Mod] Shulker showcase goes outside the screen with the biggest GUI Scale
  • 1.19 Wrong Title screen
  • [Skyblock] Dragon Tracker Color Issue
  • [Toggle Sprint] Speed Issue while flying in spectator mode
  • 1.7 not having nametag icons
  • [Player Viewer] Numbers Showing in the middle
  • [Fishing Indicator] Indicator visible issue
  • [Inventory Viewer] Items outside the box
  • Emoting Breaks minecraft character
  • Unicode shadows in tooltips rendering incorrectly with fps boost
  • [1.19] Waypoint Beam is not showing up
  • The schematic hologram loads on servers that have force-disabled the Schematica mod
  • Ice Fill Solver Broken
  • Left Hand Feature breaks the dungeon map
  • "Only Mine Ores in the Deep Caverns" & "Only Mine Valuables in the Nether" settings do not work when using a high-power mining tool
  • Items do not render in chests, menus, and inventories
  • The Chroma Sunglasses cosmetic does not have an in-game option to change the color
  • Some items are not working in some skyblock resource packs
  • Replay Mod Camera Always faces down
  • The numbers displayed in the Items/Recipe UI crafting grid are cut off
  • Replay Mod renders videos only for a second
  • Compact Tablist Turning Skins Black Issue
  • Secret Guide - Delete Secret Issue
  • Kuudra - Pet Display Issue
  • Replay mod deadlock and exception + playback stops too early
  • Text shadow not rendering on server MOTDs
  • Nametag icons change the nametag and entities color to black
  • The namehistory chat command does not work
  • The schematica hologram does not load correctly and disappears when you get closer to it
  • The Schematica mod does not load blocks that have been added to Minecraft in recent updates
  • Nametag border button issue
  • Chat does not display line separators on Hypixel
  • The nametag border displays different colors than what has been selected in the Insider settings menu
  • The theme manager switches custom themes to one of the default themes after restarting the game
  • Water Board Solver Showing Incorrect state of lever
  • Fixed minor inconsistencies between 1.8 and 1.16
  • Profiles giving error when deleted
  • Warping To Crimson Isle breaks the chunks
  • Profit Calculator Text not disappearing
  • [Skyblock] Find the Trivia Puzzle and find newest questions
  • Recipe UI Rat Pet Issue
  • Skyblock Defence Number Issue
  • Insider border failed to update your border
  • Insider border segment issue
  • Autotip display mode not saving
  • Ghost Liquid Fix messes collision
  • Water/lava placement delay
  • Armor Status - Item stack does not count if display mode is on durability
  • Zoom Mod causes movement delay
  • Schematica selections not rendering
  • Fix unicode rendering in nametags
  • F3+ESC function issue
  • Unicode Characters Break With FPS Boost On/Off
  • 1.18.1 Cape And Icon Light Issue
  • Damage Tint Visible in Spectator
  • 1.12.2 Shield position is different on each side
  • A null texture block appears when placing some items
  • Recipe UI Icons aren't centered
  • User icons get mispositioned as soon as you enable Badlion Font for nametags
  • Server Texture Packs with shaders issue
  • Missing colours in server list
  • DSG waypoints not being removed correctly
  • DSG Go through rooms and correct placement of waypoints
  • Disabling the Scoreboard Mod does not hide the server scoreboard
  • FPS Boost darkens background
  • Height Overlay's "Top face only" still shows the sides
  • Cosmetic outfit names don't save
  • Specific shaders break item textures
  • Fullbright/Shaders Conflict Issue
  • Scoreboard RGB support

  • Like I said above, in the coming months you will see our newest project. Stay tuned!

    Smaller update, mainly focused on fixing issues/cleaning up the client. This will all make sense to you guys when our newest project releases. Other than that, let us know any features you guys would like to see on the client!

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    Cool. New update!
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    Thank you for the update :)
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    Fps really got more stable than before many thanks to Badlion ♥️ and for custom Crosshair
    PM Link
    thanks for the update. is there a chance next updat you guys will add things for farming in skyblock?
    PM Link
    A Problem has aroused since this update
    I have reinstalled badlion done a lot of this but the badlion assets download is taking forever!
    the patching has reached 16% after 4 whole hours
    PM Link
    Thanks for the update! you guys are the best! we could have a brazil cloak, several badlion players are brazilian, but we don't have a cloak of our country :(, we love this client, it is the best ❤
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    Thenks For update its Cool!
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    Enjoy :)
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    Epic update! :)
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    PM Link
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    thank you for the update <3
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    como descargo la 3.10 solo me sale la 3.8
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    PM Link

    zRafinhaLoko wrote

    Thanks for the update! you guys are the best! we could have a brazil cloak, several badlion players are brazilian, but we don't have a cloak of our country :(, we love this client, it is the best ❤

    You can suggest the cloak to be added in our discord server

    Best regards, 7qm.
    PM Link

    TrulyNoob wrote

    A Problem has aroused since this update
    I have reinstalled badlion done a lot of this but the badlion assets download is taking forever!
    the patching has reached 16% after 4 whole hours

    Please submit a bug report and someone from tech support team will help you asap.

    Best regards, 7qm.
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