Badlion Client Lite: Improved Performance, Better GUIs, Easier To Use - Official Release

Hey everyone!

Super excited to announce the project we've been working on for a few months now is finally live!

Welcome to the BLC Lite official release patch notes!

The main goal of BLC Lite was just to improve the client in every way we could think of, we've added a bunch of new UI features and also updated the look of the client! We've also added a bunch of new QoLs and improvements along the way, come learn more about them!

We will also be running 2 giveaways for 10x cosmetics!

How to enter: Comment on this thread the cosmetic you wish to get and what your favorite feature of this update is:

Twitter giveaway:

Main New Features

  • Improved UIs
  • Ease of Use
  • FPS Improvements
  • Faster Loading
  • Faster Patching
  • Quality Of Life

  • How do you access BLC Lite?

    It's very simple, you currently can access BLC Lite from the main menu, there's an icon in the top left that will switch the client to the lite version.

    By just clicking this icon, it will morph your game into BLC Lite! You can also go back to normal BLC by clicking the same icon on the BLC Lite menu.

    There's a lot to pack in, let's get into it from the start!

    First thing first, like you will notice below, we changed the BLC Font to be something a bit more unique than before. We hope it makes the client feel a bit more premium and nicer on the eyes to read.

    Improved GUI

    Main Menu

    We decided to work on small improvements on the main menu for BLC Lite. We were not happy with a few things and thought we could do better.

    Default Panorama: We added a new night time default panorama. This means that if you don't have a resource pack overwriting it, it will display for you.

    News Menu: We thought our older News menu was a bit outdated and didn't really showcase what we wanted to show you guys. We went added and updated to a more modern look and allow users to see multiple news at a time.

    Icons: On Normal BLC, all the icons that didn't really fit as a big button were put top left. We didn't think it looked great and also if we wanted to add more icons it would just look really out of place. We now put all of those in this new settings menu in the top left of the screen.

    Alt manager: Very small improvements, we just wanted to update the look and freshen it up.

    Mod menu
    Here are the biggest changes UI wise from the BLC Lite update. We went ahead and heavily focused on improving this area since we knew that a lot of people did not like our 3.0 revamp we did. We took the feedback given to us and tried to implement it as much as we could.
    We would love to hear more feedback from our users to see if we can improve it even further!.

    Overall Look: We've removed the left side mod menu (for now) and focused heavily on the center menu. This allowed us to make the best version of the mod menu we could without having our focus split into 2 menus.

    Here's the main difference/the new features.

  • Removed Filters - Removed the filters since we believe not many people were using them and it also caused a lot of wasted space on the menu itself.
  • Removed Categories - Categories were removed because they were not that useful and also caused our menu to look sub par.
  • Edit GUI Button - We moved the GUI editor button to the bottom left of the menu because the icon wasn't really standing out enough and it felt strange that one of the most useful button was not a big focus of the UI.
  • Changed the size of the UI - The old one was a bit too squarish for our liking, we adjusted that to fit our theme better.
  • Mods size - We changed the size of the mods by 25%.
  • Buttons Moved - Buttons such as (Mods, settings, profile, insider) were moved to the left side.

  • GUI Editor: We now allow users to move mods within the mod menu! You only need to click a mod and voila you can move it around. You also can change the settings and disable them from the menu gui editor itself.

    Better Mod organization: We went ahead and grouped certain mods together to make it easier to find.
  • Hypixel Mod - this mod now has everything from autogg/autotip to quick play.
  • Effect Mod - Motion blur/Color saturation
  • Resources Mod - PackTweaks/ShinyPots/Clear Glass

  • Inside Mods: We noticed that a lot of users had issues with the look and organization of the settings inside a mod. We went and tried to clean it up and change it up! We tried to compact everything as neat as possible and make it easy to read. We also updated the buttons/sliders/etc inside of those mods.

    Add Mods: This is a new feature we hope brings joy to our newer users. We were facing an issue where we had too many mods and it overwhelmed newer users. The goal of this feature is to make the experience easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. What this feature does is it removes all the unnecessary mods that are not that popular/used often and puts them in another menu where you as a user can decide to add them. These mods are already downloaded and all it requires you to do is to click the (add) button on those mods. Those mods are also able to be removed. If you already have a mod enabled from your normal BLC profile, this mod will automatically be in your mod menu, you will not need to add it!
    We hope this feature helps making the BLC experience more straight forward for newer users and also remove unnecessary clutter.

    Profile System: We updated every default profile we had to have a more modern look. We also updated the profile menu itself to fit more with our current aesthetic of the client.

    Controls: We renamed our (settings) menu to controls since it fit better with default Minecraft controls menu. This menu used to be a HUGE mess and it was very difficult to navigate and find what you want to keybind.
    Now this menu is all condensed into one and it only shows BLC keybinds. We fixed the spacing and updated the look of the reset icon. Now it tells which keybind conflicts with what keybind, so it's easier to see what needs to be changed.

    Other menus
    We also touched on a couple of other menus that are used by a lot of users. We plan on updating all the non updated ones in future updates.

    Cosmetic Menu: We didn't like the fact that our cosmetic menu was fullscreen before, it felt like it brought you out of Minecraft too much and it didn't really fit in with the rest of the menus. We made the cosmetic menu small and easier to navigate.

    ResourcePacks Menu: We cleaned up the resource pack menu a tiny bit by removing the profile system and fixing a couple of issues with drag and drop.

    First time user profile: As a new BLC user (or if you use a new PC) you will be given an option to pick between a selected amount of different profiles. We have a couple of options that ranges from Vanilla to Skyblock.

    Controls Menu: We reverted the look of the Minecraft Controls settings to vanilla since we felt it didn't really make sense to change the look of it since we moved our BLC setting elsewhere.

    FPS Improvements

    With the launch of BLC Lite, we also wanted to improve our performance even further than what we already had. We added a new feature called (Advanced FPS Boost) in the better frames menu. This feature is there to help any type of gamemode/lobby with a lot of players.
    We've seen an improvement of over 50%+ in performance in some areas with this option enabled! It obviously depends on your system but I would definitely advise to turn keep this setting on and let us know if it helped you!

    PSA: If you are using a Internal Graphics card, this option is disabled because your hardware does not support our newest FPS technology.

    We've also messed around improving FPS in some other minor regions like resources/cosmetics. This should help you a lot if you see a lot of cosmetics on your screen.

    Faster Launching/Patching

    We've been working hard over the past couple of months to make launching BLC the fastest it can be! We recently launched our newest patching/launching system to all our users. From our internal testing, this system is now over 70% faster than our old system. This means that you no longer have to wait a long time to play! We also noticed that this system is over 50% faster than our competitors not using vanilla launchers.

    Raw Mouse Input

    We recently fixed an issue plaguing vanilla MC 1.7 to 1.12. This option should fix any kind of mouse acceleration you might of endured on those versions. This setting is optional incase you prefer playing with mouse acceleration but for other users this change was needed. Hopefully any kind of mouse acceleration problems is now resolved and you can use BLC without issues!

    How to turn it on/off:

    We will be looking into updating a few things in the next couple of months.

  • Skyblock menus
  • Crosshair Mod Menu
  • More animations/effects to make the client smoother
  • Depending on feedback, we might redesign the look of the main menu further.

  • We will be running a survey soon to hear your feedback and what you guys think about the update. We want to make sure everyone is satisfied and also want to hear your voice!

    Overall I'm very happy with the update. We will be monitoring your feedback/issues over the next couple of weeks so we can make sure to fix them, let us know your thoughts/issues!


    PM Link
    PM Link
    Very good update. Well done Badlion Team
    PM Link
    PM Link
    i would really like to get the chroma wings which is my favourite cosmetic , my favourite update is that my game starts really fast , i use a potato laptop this really helps me when my friends want to get on really quick
    PM Link
    Blc Lite looks awesome! My favourite feature is the new and cleaner mod menu!

    I'd love the Phoenix Pet and my ign is PixelBeast!
    PM Link
    I love the new Gui i think its much easyer to navigate and use
    I would love the purple lightning cloak
    PM Link
    i love lite my favorite feature is how editing mods is alot easier and the gui so much cleaner <3

    the dragon wings please :p
    PM Link
    My favorite feature is the fps improvements as I don’t have a very good computer
    Dragon wings pls :p
    PM Link
    i liked the alt manager update and would love the dragon wings
    PM Link
    i really like the fps boost because my pc isn't that good although i could run minecraft at 60 fps with an 140 hrz monitor it isn't that great i'd like to get the black and white lightning wings if i do win the giveaway

    PM Link
    I'd like the X_SUS Bandanna
    I have been playing with lite ever since the first insider beta, its really good ngl. I especially love the UI redesign and the fps improovements.
    PM Link
    Cosmetic: Phoenix_Pet

    The Faster Loading Times are great, Love it!
    PM Link
    Oh yes, finally released to the public! 💙
    While beta testing it i really liked the new GUI even if i was a bit controversial at first ahah but now i can't stop using it
    Also i like the idea of adding and removing mods if unused. (Didn't personally experienced it but i'm sure it will make BLC even faster!)

    Thank you all for this update :)

    p.s. a cosmetic that i like is the following :p

    Kind regards.
    PM Link
    raw input feature
    IGN : Textform (zCarmen Heartbeats Cloak)
    PM Link
    I like the fps improvement the most because my pc is really bad…

    Ign: GabitoGOP
    would like the dragon wings :)
    PM Link
    My favorite feature has to be the option to "add mods" its so much more organized than before and is amazing because of the amount of useless mods I will never have to see again!

    For the giveaway
    Ign: Avite
    Cosmetic: Kitsune Pet, its so cute

    Good job on this update, and thanks to the entire BLC team
    PM Link
    I like the new main menue. :)
    PM Link
    I want Happy & Sad cape
    PM Link
    I think the best feature of this update are propably the GUI changes
    Also I wish to get the cosmetic called Phoenix Pet
    PM Link