BLC 3.13 - BLC Lite Improvements, Skyblock Mod Upgrade, Full map Improvements, Crosshair Mod Revamp & More!

Hello everyone! Our last major update of the year is finally here. This update mainly focuses up on cleaning up some projects we released earlier in 2022 and Skyblock features. This update is smaller in size than we anticipated because of unforeseen events happening. We will be looking to fully revamp our Skyblock features/mods in a early 2023 update, so keep that in mind. We will be releasing a big mod at the start of next year!

Make sure to claim your daily advent calendar reward for the month of December to earn rewards!

BLC Lite Improvements

Esc menu revamped

Our old menu style was causing issues with some servers that did use the ESC menu for their gamemodes. We basically made the main menu into a MC style now instead of just it being our own style so that it doesn't cause any issues anymore. We will probably add an option in the future to use the old menu style if people request it.

  • Blurred the chat when opening a menu
  • Particles mod categories being extended by default
  • Shift-Clicking remove on a list object removes it without confirmation
  • Improved sliders
  • Changed how tool tips behave

  • Skyblock Mod Upgrade

    Fairy Soul Waypoint Improvement

    Added the ability to reset all fairy souls. We also added an option to reset fairy soul within an area so that you dont need to do a full reset whenever you can't find a new fairy soul!

    Added waypoints to gemstones

    Added waypoints to gemstone locations

    A series of waypoints that leads to the next and disappears once you get to it!
    The basic idea is that you can have a series of coordinates that you are led to in order, is extremely useful for people who ruby mine.

    Skyblock Crystal Hollows QOL

    If you start breaking a Gemstone mine, we added a 5 minute countdown so users know when this ore will respawn.

  • Ability to scale down item messages
  • Hide players near fishing bobbers

  • Crosshair Mod Revamp

    With BLC Lite having a center styled menu, we needed to look into improving our preview system so that you could actually see your crosshair when editing it.

    We went ahead and added a crosshair preview system similar to valorant where you can see in real time how your crosshair changes when editing it.
    We also moved a few options that were not really essential to the advanced category and also added a preview system to the "preset" tab.

    Full map Improvements

    We mainly focused on improving the FPS issues caused while moving the map around. We decided to take another path in how we calculate chunks so that it would help the performance by a lot.

    We also added a player head option instead of the cursor when moving around so that you can see your own skin!

  • Reduced Full Map chunk resolution

  • Misc

  • 1.20 snapshot added
  • [BetterFrames] Hide mob spinning in spawners
  • [Survival Mod] Add anti right click on axes
  • Added Mod API support for Fabric servers
  • Added option for shields to be flush with arm
  • Re-ordered options for QuickPlay mod to be in order
  • Added ability to pause replays in the replay mod
  • [Hitbox mod] Ability to set the distance at which it renders
  • Added a button to open replay mod effects
  • [Nametag mod] Added an option to disable player nametags
  • [FullBright] Slider to change the brightness of the fullbright mod
  • Combined Toggle Sprint and Toggle Sneak
  • Enabled advanced FPS for intel CPUs
  • Investigated FPS issues for intel CPUs

  • Skill Level Up messages do not appear with the title
  • SBA Secret waypoint reappear when re entering rooms
  • Secret waypoints Fairy soul waypoint won't disappear on click
  • Fixed mod names
  • Nickhider duplicate name issue
  • Waypoints Death Waypoints dont work
  • Crystal hollows waypoints missing a space
  • Typo in potion status mod
  • Enity crash
  • Profile Sharing Issues
  • Player Viewer - /pv [name] shows always steve skin
  • Full Map Mod - Not Disabling
  • Using specific resource packs causes the game to crash before loading the main menu.
  • 1.20 Tactical Marker ping and fog issue
  • Full Map Mod - Lite Specific Issue
  • Full Map Mod - Customization Options
  • Nick Hider makes chat invisible
  • Lightmap issues on lower versions with cosmetic particles
  • Waypoints NPE
  • BLC crashes
  • Investigated sudden "Out of Memory" problems
  • Weird characters in the Potion Status Mod & Scoreboard
  • Enter first person issue
  • Nametag replay mod bug
  • Full Map Mod - Memory Usage is very high
  • Pet Display Golden Dragon Issue
  • Oof mod doesn't work
  • Skin Changer scaling issue
  • Badlion font displays icons in Scoreboard
  • Some chat messages are not showing
  • Kick me cloak - main cloak color issue
  • Shield not appearing
  • Profile Sharing Issues - GUI scale info
  • Chat bug in 1.7
  • Profile Sharing Issues - Profile icons not working
  • Toggle Sprint/Sneak - Input field
  • All Pages Menu almost completely broken
  • Terminal color solver issue
  • Only mine valueables in nether doesn't allow you to mine sulphur
  • The Dolphin pet counter doesnt work. Only updates on game restart
  • The Show sword kills counts 2 kills per mob
  • The Hide Pet Names mod doesnt work if there is a pet skin applied to it
  • None of the Fairy souls load on Spiders Den
  • 1.20 (22w45a & 22w46a) Nametag Text Issue
  • Profile Sharing Issues - Profile downloads stat not working
  • Hide other player's presents causing issues with blocks
  • Fixed Global Search (Ctrl+K)
  • Schematica Mod: Rotating north/east/west/south is not working

  • Holidays are coming up so our team will take a bit of time to recharge our energy and look to go all out in 2023 for the future of the Badlion Client. We plan on doing our annual start of the year clean up where we spend some at the start of next year to clean all the major issues on BLC. We have a few big projects coming up after that, stay tuned!

    Hope everyone has a very good Holiday season and spend some quality time with your family. Thank you all for the great 2022 season and we hope to take the next step for BLC in 2023!
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    Thanks for all the work the team has put into these patches <3
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    Great Update, but I'd like an option to use the old ESC Menu.
    PM Link
    Hi, I wish there was an option to turn off menu blur. I have low fps when I open it.
    PM Link
    please add the option for the old menu, i liked it
    PM Link
    Very nice update, but add an option to turn off the menu blur as it decreases fps for some people ( including me )
    PM Link
    Our old menu style was causing issues with some servers that did use the ESC menu for their gamemodes. We basically made the main menu into a MC style now instead of just it being our own style so that it doesn't cause any issues anymore. We will probably add an option in the future to use the old menu style if people request it.

    This menu is trash please add option to revert…
    PM Link
    please add the option for the old menu, it looks beautiful
    PM Link
    please fix "hide other player's gifts" disabling player heads complitly
    PM Link
    for some reason my skyblock has an issue where either 3 or 4 zero's comes before an ultimate enchant / any damage information can it be this new update?
    PM Link

    this update break some stuff in hypixel skyblock
    how do i fix it
    i cant see the quest
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    PM Link
    Guys If you have that zero number problem then simply turn off replace roman number from blc setting and then skyblock and search roman then turn that off and that issue should be fixed.
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    Excellent work, although the update has broken some textures in the sky block mod. The stats on an armor or weapon now display a "00+" before the stat. It has also made the color a dark blue making it difficult to see. If this was intentional, is there a way to revert it? If not, I doubt I will be the last one to make a statement about this.
    PM Link
    (I just noticed that several menus are now broken with a long line of zeros in the menu. ) EDIT:
    If you turn off roman numerals, it fixes all of the listed problems I have encountered thus far.
    PM Link
    I think when opening the menu, the background is blurry, which is not very friendly to some users with poor computer configuration. Others are very good
    PM Link
    fps is good
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