Badlion Client Introduces It's Newest Ranks: Premium / Premium+ : 20% OFF First 2 Weeks Of Launch

New Premium+ and Premium Ranks with exclusive cosmetics!

Today, we are revamping Insider, which will become Premium, and adding our new Premium+ Rank with exclusive cosmetics and new features!
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We have covered common questions at the bottom of this thread but please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here Click Here if you have any questions! We would love to hear your ideas for how we could improve. Although Premium offered a variety of useful features, we wanted to continue creating new functionality and cosmetics to help you stand out from other players. When creating Premium+ we wanted to go beyond and innovate with unique cosmetics never offered before to really give your character a special look!

New Premium+ Features

- Customize your character with new Glowing Eyes and Fire, Water, and Lightning Feet cosmetics with new pixel art or particles
- Effortlessly show other players you are AFK with an automatic emote
- Keep a Player Pet customized to your character skin on your shoulder at all times
- Get an exclusive cloak every month
- Keep using all our historic Insider features and access new Premium Features announced today

Premium Players Can Now

- Customize your outfit with elemental themed bandanas
- Express yourself with free emotes rotating every month (for May 2023 there will be: Blinding Lights, Shuffle, Shrug, Popcorn, Take The L)
- Access all of the previous Insider features like Early BLC Access and HD Skins


  • Price - From $3.99 $3.19 (20% limited time sale) per month

  • Premium Features

  • - NEW: Express yourself in-game with our Monthly Emote rotation
    - NEW: Show off your elemental bandanas!
    - Show off HD Skins that other players can see
    - Customize your Badlion Client with our Theme Manager
    - Access Early Beta versions of BLC to see what's changing before everyone else
    - Create Custom Name tag Messages that are displayed above your head in-game
    - Save and share your settings by uploading a Mod Profile
    - Personalize your Name tag with different colors and a Border
    - Get Deeper Customization for Text Mods

    *NEW* Monthly Emote Rotation

    Express how you feel as you try out 5 fresh emotes on rotation every month using our menu with default keybind “H”

    For the month of May, every Premium users will get the emotes: (Blinding Lights, Shuffle, Shrug, Popcorn, Take The L)

    Equip Your Elemental Bandanas

    Premium users will now have access to 3 new bandanas! These bandanas are not the regular type of bandanas, we created a new type using our new particles tech!

    I present to you: Fire, Lightning and Water Bandanas

    Wear HD Skins

    Equip HD versions of your favorite skins for all BLC players to see! Submit your HD skin to be approved by our content moderation team before equipping your new HD skin in-game!

    Customize your Client with our Theme Manager

    Create the perfect UI by selecting your own choice of Badlion Client theme color and menu UI from the ”extra setting” button in the top left corner of the main menu!

    Access Early Beta versions of the client

    Try out new features before anyone else by opting in to our “Beta” in our launcher


  • Price - From $7.99 $6.39 (20% limited time sale) per month

  • Features

  • - ALL Premium Features (Can read above)
    - Collect your Exclusive Cloak each month
    - Equip new Fire, Water, or Lightening Feet Cosmetics with both Pixel/Particles versions available
    - Receive your Player Pet to accompany you on your shoulder
    - Access new Glowing Eyes cosmetics to enhance your look
    - Highlight you are away with an automatic AFK Emote
    - Get 20% off the whole Badlion Store

    Monthly Exclusive Cloak

    Every month you are a Premium+ subscriber, you will gain a new exclusive cloak we've designed for that specific month.
    Once the month ends, you will keep the cloak as long as you are subscribed. If you unsubscribe, your cloaks will be "Locked" and won't be equipeable until you re-subscribe to Premium+

    We would love to hear your feedback as we experiment with different designs, particles, and models to create the coolest cloaks.

    May's Cloak: Lone Samurai

    Elemental Boots

    We're super happy to showcase our newest type of cosmetics, the element boots with Fire, Water, Lightning and Ice(tbd) all available today!

    Premium+ players can choose from two versions:

    - Particles: Utilizing a more advanced particles technique, these boots are chroma and can fit any skin
    - Pixel Art: If you prefer a more classic look, we have a more standard design so you can still show of your Premium+ status

    Here's how they look in-game.

    Get a new Player Pet

    This fun pet allows you to have an exact copy of your character on your shoulder which will transform to whatever skin you have equipped!

    Glowing Eyes

    Stand out from others with new cosmetics you can customize with different colors! You can even adjust their position from the cosmetic menu if your skin has different eye placement.

    AFK Emote

    This brand new emote highlights to other BLC players that you are away by automatically playing whenever you stop moving. You can personally change the duration before it plays via our Premium Menu!

    Cool Outfits!

    Mix and match your premium cosmetics to make some really cool outfits that you can match to your skin! Since all the HD cosmetics are chroma, you can go wild!


    Q: If I am an Insider already, what will happen?

    A: Nothing, you will be automatically swap to Premium and gain access to all of the new features!

    Q: Do you plan on changing these ranks in the future?

    A: Yes, we want to listen to our community and improve in line with your feedback.

    Q: Do you plan on locking mod features behind Premium?

    A: We want to keep our custom mods free for all players and will only lock features behind Premium or Premium+ access if opening it to everyone would have a negative impact on players (eg features that can be spammed), when it is computationally expensive and not feasible to offer for free, or when it is purely cosmetic.

    Q: Why is my Premium/Premium+ rank not showing up?

    A: Please double check that you are logging into the same Badlion Client account that matches your Minecraft account.

    Q: What will happen if Im already paying every month from the insider days?

    A: We are super appreciative to you for supporting the Badlion client, which means we will let you keep your current subscription model until you cancel. This means you will pay the old cheaper price until then. Thank you again!

    Q: What happens to my reminding Insider days if I upgrade to Premium+?

    A:If you have 10 days left before the sub is due to renew and you upgrade, you would only pay the amount needed for Prem+ for that period. So it would not be full cost. You will not lose any time by upgrading

    Closing Statement

    Store Link:Click here

    Thank you all to everyone who supports the Badlion client, this helps us tremendously and keeps the project afloat and thriving for years to come. We want to make sure to make the best product possible so let us know your thoughts and we will adjust it as we see fit!

    Much Love

    - Ginie
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    damn so many features and i think it is a must buy , great job badlion team :)
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    ItzPubert wrote

    damn so many features and i think it is a must buy , great job badlion team :)

    Thank you! Yeah we will for sure monitor what our community feels about the product and adjust accordingly. We already have more features planned in the future, so stay tuned!
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    This update is :fire: !!!!
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    Best Additions ever!
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    My favourite update in a long time! Great job everyone who was involved :)
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    I'm Looking forward to trying it out.
    If you are currently subscribed to Premium/Insider and have time remaining, what will happen to the remainder if you upgrade to Premium+?
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    Joddy69 wrote

    I'm Looking forward to trying it out.
    If you are currently subscribed to Premium/Insider and have time remaining, what will happen to the remainder if you upgrade to Premium+?

    You will have the same amount of time remaining as you would only be charged the amount for that many days.
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    You should add the option to change the skin of the minime pet
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    please add a feature to change the skin of the minime pet
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