Request to get unbanned in the Discord
Hello! I'm Pelq, also known as Mes by most.
I'm writing here as a last attempt to get unbanned in the Badlion Client Discord server.
I was banned over 6 months ago for being immature and arguing with staff members. I have since apologized to the staff member(s) that I may have offended, though I have not heard back from that person. Additionally, I have grown and understood that my actions were not appropriate at the time. I believe that since I was a senior staff member at the client earlier in the year that my respect and history with the team redeems me as a respectable person and shows my worth. I have been in contact with Listen on and off, who has denied my request a few times over the past few months. I will continue to try to get un-banned in the Discord server as I wish to communicate with some of my friends I haven't seen in a long time in the Discord, and wish to show that I've changed to those who I may have offended or upset in the past. I'm doing this as a public plead to the Administrative team at Badlion Client directly, since my ban was by an Administrator therefore it must be them who decides to un-ban me. The reason I acted immature was because I felt I wasn't being respected by a current high-ranking staff member at the client; that being said, I do understand that this is most certainly not an excuse, therefore I apologize to him and the rest of the staff team who I may have upset.

I will continue to appeal my ban monthly, as I believe one day I can rejoin the client I have such a long history with.
Thank you for reading this, and I hope the Admin team can come to a conclusion regarding this ban. I truly wish to be apart of the community again.


Discord: its.pelq
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Unfortunately I could not respond to your Discord message in a timely matter as I was otherwise busy.

Our stance on this matter has not changed, the ban will therefore not be lifted.

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