Improvement and suggestion

I noticed that while using the slot binding feature, the bound item can still be dropped. I believe this is a medium to high priority issue because, while bound, I could still accidentally drop a valuable item like a Hyperion on Skyblock. I would like to suggest to the admin team to make the item bound as if it were locked. This way, while bound, it cannot be accidentally dropped.

Another thing I noticed is that you have to use two separate keys to bind or to lock an item. It could be more efficient, like in the NEU mod, where you use the same keybind. If you press it once with the cursor on the item, you lock the slot. If you keep it pressed and drag the mouse to the second slot, you bind the two of them, similar to how the mod currently works.

If this has already been suggested, I apologize, but I did try to look around a bit before writing this and couldn't find anything.

Have a nice day to all badlion's community :)

EDIT: Also very important making it so that you can link/bind multiple items with 1 slot of the hotbar
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