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SG/Skywars Staff Application
What is your Minecraft Username?
What age are you?
Which gamemode on the Badlion Network do you play the most?
What is your Skype username?
How long ago did you start playing Badlion?
How long do you spend on average on Badlion/Minecraft?
What timezone do you live in?
Can your record Minecraft videos?
Do you regularly use TeamSpeak?
What languages can you speak?
Do you have any donator or staff ranks on Badlion?
What other Minecraft servers do you regularly play or have played in the past?
Have you any previous experience as staff on a Minecraft network?
Have you any previous experience as staff on any game network?
Why do you want mod:
What do you think you can bring to the mod team:

(Yes we know Pika has retired. We still use his email for apps for SG/SkyWars)
Email your application to pikaoku[at]badlion[dot]net.
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