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Welcome to Badlion SG!
Hello, I'm Gonzalo, one of the Minigames Managers we have here on Badlion and If you are new, this is a welcome post for you to get to know the rules of the server, how to report hackers, and how to behave in chat.

Welcome to Badlion!


Its nice to have you here, if you are new, this post will help you understand the rules of our server, if you have been playing Badlion for a while but you are still confused how does the server work, this is the best place to come!


If you find a potential hacker, I recommend that you NEVER hackusate in chat, if you do so, you will receive a 15 minute mute, the best thing to do is to use this command:

/report [IGN] after you click enter a box will pop up in which you can choose what hacks the player could be using, and after that a SG mod will go to the server and check that player out.

If you wish to report someone for hacks and you have physical video evidence, go ahead and report here:

We don't accept 1st person evidence, an example of 1st person evidence would be this:

YOu should ALWAYS report someone with 3rd person evidence, an example would be this:

If yo are going to report someone for a chat offense pls consider the following:
-Don't report stuff like: Filter Bypass, and other minor chat offenses
-DO report stuff like: Death Threats, DDoS/Dox Treats, Extreme Toxicity, Toxicity, Toxic Behavior, Racism, and Extreme Racism

Don't report people that are teaming in Survival Games To2 (Team of 2) unless they exceed the two player limit.
DO report people that are teaming in Survival Games FFA.

Everything that there is to be know about this is in a thread I made :

SG Maps
This are the SG maps that badlion has in our vote list atm, I'll be updating this list when maps are added/removed

ValleySide University
Return to MoonBase 9
Jurassic Park/World
United Nations
Higfield Estate
Alaskan Village
Zone 85
Darwing Hotel
Par 72
Holiday Resort

Yes the name of sg is Unranked SG, but we still have stats, but the only thing that are recored are POSITIVE stats, the name will change to only Survival Games in the future (I hope)

Our Staff Team
The SG team might be small, that is why we are always accepting applications, so if you think you have the courage to come and help us make the server a better place for players be at, pls go ahead and follow this instructions:

Applications for Minigames should be sent to minigamesapps[at]badlion[dot]net with the subject "Miningames Mod Application"

What is your Minecraft Username?
What age are you?
Which gamemode on the Badlion Network do you play the most?
Discord Username + hash tag (#)?
Twitter profile (if used for gaming [not IRL one]):
How long ago did you start playing Badlion?
How long do you spend on average on Badlion/Minecraft?
What timezone do you live in?
Link to your ladder profile:
Can you record Minecraft videos?
Do you regularly use TeamSpeak?
What languages can you speak?
Do you have any donator or staff ranks on Badlion?
What other Minecraft servers do you regularly play or have played in the past?
Have you any previous experience as staff on a Minecraft network? If yes, explain.
Have you any previous experience as staff on any game network? If yes, explain.
Why do you want mod:
What do you think you can bring to the mod team:

Don't apply in this thread or on the forums, you have to email the mail that was posted on top.

You are banned?
If you are banned and you want to be unbanned please login to the forums, and if you aren't register please follow these rules from this link:

Now for ban appeals, you have to follow the format of the appeal, NEVER ABUSE THE SYSTEM . If you do so, an admin or a senior mod will ban you again :) if you are 100% you weren't cheating, go ahead and say that you were not hacking and the mod that banned you will post their evidence and senior mods will make a decision, if you got banned by GCheat and you are sure you weren't hacking say that you weren't hacking, and a senior mod will go ahead and check the GCheat logs and will make a verdict.

Rules of the server can be found here:

Wanna help the server?
One of the best ways you could help the server to continue running is by donating. will take you to the store where you're able to donate/buy certain ranks. Thank you all for comming to this server, and I hope to see you Online

Another day would by going to vote tab on the forums and voting for our server to get ranked matches in arenapvp, and in that way our server will get more popular

Have a nice day/afternoon/night :)
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This should be pinned so this doesn't slowly fall down.
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Thanks for making this Gonz! Really informative :D
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Oh you used my report for the third person example hehe
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Added SG Maps, and Explaining the stats
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"/report [IGN] after you click enter a box will pop up in which you can choose what hacks he could be using, "

Dude come on that sentence basically says all hackers on Badlion are guys. Their are a girl hackers too, that looks to biased. You should really change that to he/she.
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gooood post gonzyy <3
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I didnt mean to but I reported some kid his name was something like LuisRubenBlanca. I found out he wasnt hacking and i dont want him to get punished, mods, please read this.
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Gonzaloo wrote

Applications for SG/SkyWars should be sent to Pikaoku[at]badlion[dot]net with the subject "SG/SkyWars Mod App
and answer this questions:

Might want to change that since the emails changed, unless its linked to that but you just changed the address.
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3 Team Please Banned 1 Nick: PeNero 2 Nick: FistikKurdu 3 nick: oGokhanBeyy
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Back to the Old Rank System The Elo System is Very Bad
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