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Elementary - [NA] [ALL] [Social / Competitive]

- Skype
- 1 kit elo over 1850.
- Work well in a team
- Be nice
- No current mute

Age (Doesn't affect anything):
Rank(Doesn't affect you):
Best ladder:
Worst ladder:
What would you be playing for (PotPvP, SG, or Normal):
Brief description about yourself:
Why should we invite you:

NOTICE: Do not put your skype name on the thread. Private message me ingame (IGN: Frogo8)

NOTICE: Normal includes: Diamond, Iron, UHC, Advanced UHC, Archer, Horse. PotPvP includes Gapple, Combo, Kohi, Vanilla, and NoDebuff. SG includes: MCSG, BuildUHC, Skywars, and Iron BuildUHC.

I look forward to meeting all of you!
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ez noobs
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dantdood wrote

Form: dantdood
IGN: dantdood
Age (Doesn't affect anything): 13
Skype: avenger9012
Rank(Doesn't affect you): Donator
Best ladder: BuildUHC 2168
Worst ladder: NoDebuff 1724
What would you be playing for (PotPvP, SG, or Normal): Global ladders.
Brief description about yourself: Im pretty cool and funny :3
Why should we invite you: I feel that I could bring some features of my straightline skills and potpvp ladders.

Thanks for your time ~ dantdood

Accepted fam
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