Three easy ways to get a villager discount in Minecraft

Learn how you can easily get a Minecraft villager trading discount in Minecraft
How to get a villager discount in MinecraftArticle posted on June 22, 2023 - 04:00 PM
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Villager trading is one of the most profitable mechanics in Minecraft, and for that reason, many players seek ways to get villager discounts. When it comes to making a profit, the difference between a normal trade and a discounted trade can mean a lot. This article will look at the three most common methods for getting discounted villager trades.

How villager discounts work in Minecraft

Villager trading prices can change for plenty of reasons. When it comes to villager trading discounts, the important factor is your reputation or relationship with villagers.

If you have a positive reputation, you will receive discounts on trades. However, you can get a negative reputation if you hit or harm villagers. The price of trades will reflect your reputation, so you must always know how your actions might affect it.

There are three ways to get discounted villager trades:

  • Make frequent trades with villagers
  • Cure a zombie villager
  • Defeat a raid

#1 Make Frequent Trades

The easiest way to get villager discounts is to trade with villagers a lot. Finding an easily obtainable item, then trading that item with villagers will improve your reputation; therefore, more villagers will be inclined to provide discounts.

A Minecraft villager trading discount from frequent trading
While this method is incredibly simple, it has a few drawbacks. First, because of villager stock limits, it may take time to increase your reputation. After you trade a certain amount of items with a villager, they will "run out of stock." You will then have to wait until the next morning when the villager’s items will restock.

In addition, if you buy out all of one item, which the villager offers, the demand for that item will increase. Because of this, after the restock cycle, prices may actually increase more instead of providing a discount.

If this happens, don’t worry. Simply wait a day and don't trade for that item. The prices will eventually return to normal.

#2 Win a Raid

One of the best ways to easily get villager discounts in Minecraft is to get the Hero of the Village effect. This effect will be given once a player successfully defeats a villager raid.

While temporary, the effect provides incredible villager trading discounts across all villagers and villages. As a bonus, you will even receive complimentary "gifts" from villagers for defeating a raid!

To get the Hero of the Village effect, you first need to start a raid. In order to do this, you will need to get the Bad Omen effect. Bad Omen is an effect given to players who defeat raid captains.

A Minecraft raid captain

This type of Pillager is found at all Pillager Outposts and can be killed fairly easily. After receiving the Bad Omen status effect, simply head to a Minecraft Village, which will activate a raid. You will know a raid has started when you see a new raid boss bar on your screen.

A Minecraft Pillager Outpost

The difficulty of your game determines how many waves of Pillagers you must fight off. Once you have defeated the raid, you will receive the Hero of the Village effect.

This is made easy with Badlion Client's Minecraft PvP/PvE mods. Check out this article, in which we explore several mods useful for villager raids.

For a complete guide to villager raids, check out this comprehensive villager raid video:

If you want to use this method regularly, then we recommend building a Raid Farm. This will allow you to easily defeat raids without risking the safety of villagers or yourself. In addition, it will allow you to much more quickly and efficiently complete a raid cycle. Check out this video by Mysticat, which goes over perhaps the most simple yet effective raid farm design.

#3 Cure a Villager

The third method for getting a villager trading discount is curing an infected Zombie villager in Minecraft. Once cured, previous zombie villagers will give significant discounts on all trades. In addition, it will also increase your reputation, meaning you will get further discounts from nearby villagers.

Many players prefer this method because it is permanent and stackable. What this means is that you can cure a villager over and over again, and the discounts will keep getting better. In addition, unlike defeating a raid, your discounts will never expire.

Most villager trading halls today provide an easy way to infect and cure villagers. Usually, players achieve this with zombies.

Villager trading hall with Minecraft villager infector
If you want to learn more about villager trading and Minecraft trading hall designs, check out our Minecraft Villager Trading article here. However, here are the basics, so you can start curing Minecraft villagers quickly and easily.

Gather the following:
  • One Zombie
  • One Villager
  • One Splash potion of weakness
  • One golden apple

First, you will need to infect the zombie villager. To do this, simply expose the villager to the zombie. However, Be careful! Unless you are in hard mode, the villager has a chance of dying instead of turning into a zombie villager!

Next, throw the splash potion of weakness onto the village. Once you confirm the effect has been inflicted upon the villager, you can feed it a golden apple. You will notice that red particles will start coming from the villager and that it will start shaking. This means the villager is in the process of transformation, which might take some time.

If you prefer, this video explains in great detail how the complete curing process works:

These are currently the three fastest, most popular, easy-to-use villager trading discount methods. Up your Minecraft Villager Trading by using any one of them! Before you head out into the world of Minecraft, make sure to download Badlion Client to get the largest FPS boost and have access to hundreds of mods that you will find useful for villager trading.
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