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Badlion Premium/Badlion Plus Pricing & More!
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With the next generation of Minecraft gaming there are some upcoming changes to how the ranking systems on Badlion works. This post is here to help guide the transition of our existing users into the new ranking system that will be on Badlion soon.

If you have no idea what Badlion Premium is, the short answer is the best Minecraft experience imaginable. You can read more about Badlion Premium from our previous announcements below:

Existing Lifetime Ranks

I want to share with all of you that if you have bought anything here at Badlion, you are not going to lose anything! In fact some of you are going to get a bunch of free stuff soon! Archy and myself argued very heavily that we refused to take anything away from the people who purchased lifetime ranks here at Badlion during the acquisition talks with ESL. What you guys have bought is your entitlement and no one has the right to take that away from you. I am happy to say that every single person who has a lifetime rank will keep all of their lifetime rank features (minus the name/tag).

Badlion Plus

What is Badlion Plus? Badlion Plus will be the new “Donator” rank here at Badlion. It will be a mixture of the “Donator” and “Donator+” ranks. We feel that this new simple rank will appeal to the people who are not interested in playing Badlion Premium at all. There is a chart below to explain what Badlion Plus includes as well as the price.

All Donator/Donator+/Lion Lifetime members will be converted to this new Badlion Plus rank.

PLEASE NOTE: All Donator/Donator+/Lion Lifetime ranks will keep their respective existing permissions such as spectating, whitelist, or what not depending on which lifetime rank they have even though they will be rebranded as Badlion Plus. This is only for legacy lifetime ranks (people who purchased them before this post).

Discontinuation of Purchasable Lifetime Ranks

With the addition of Badlion Plus and Badlion Premium, and the removal of Donator/Donator+/Lion ranks from Badlion we will also be removing Lifetime ranks. While we have very much appreciated the dedication and loyalty of our lifetime rank members, this has historically proved to be unsustainable for us from a financial perspective as we continually look to invest in improving the Badlion user experience through new game modes, new server locations, and the development of a more robust anti-cheat. Don’t worry, everyone who has a lifetime rank already will keep theirs, but we will no longer be selling lifetime ranks here at Badlion.

If you have made a bunch of 1 time purchase on Badlion for Donator/Donator+/Lion and you have spent enough on these 1 time purchases to add up to the full price of the lifetime rank ($30/50/75 respectively) then you can make a request for your free lifetime rank upgrade in the next week here: All purchases must be from before this announcement.

Free Badlion Premium for Lifetime Ranks

Every single Lifetime Donator/Donator+/Lion member is eligible for some free months on Badlion Premium! I repeat, every single person who has purchased a Lifetime Donator/Donator+/Lion rank here at Badlion is eligible for free Badlion Premium time! Below is how much time you will earn for free based on your lifetime rank:

Donator: 2 Months ($19.90 value)
Donator+: 6 Months ($59.70 value)
Lion: 2 years ($238.80 value)

This free Badlion Premium time comes at no additional cost or loss to you as the player! You still keep your legacy lifetime rank (rebranded as Badlion Plus) and all your perks you had before too!

Special Ranks

Influencers who are apart of the Badlion ecosystem are super important to the continual growth and expansion of Badlion. From a twitter survey done several months ago ( you, our users told us that 66% of you had found Badlion from Youtube/Twitch. We want to make sure we are giving influencers the right tools to still help grow Badlion and the Minecraft competitive PvP community overall. This all being said, we will be giving away the following perks to our Youtube/Twitch/Famous/Famous+ players:

Youtube: Badlion Plus
Twitch: Badlion Plus
Famous: Badlion Premium
Famous+: Badlion Premium
Partners: Badlion Premium + More (More info later on this)
Staff: Badlion Plus first three months, then Badlion Premium

Also in addition, to celebrate the launch of Badlion Premium, all current Youtube/Twitch ranks will receive 2 months of Badlion Premium.

You might have noticed there is a new rank called “Partner” in this listing. You will find out more about this later in a separate announcement post :)

Breakdown of Badlion Plus vs Badlion Premium

Below is a breakdown of the differences between Badlion Plus and Badlion Premium along with the prices for each one (finally, the prices! That’s all i came here for, why you torture me MasterGberry!).

You may notice at the bottom there are some red prices and some gold prices. The red prices are the normal rates for the Badlion Premium subscription service, and we are doing a special launch promo until the end of the year where we are taking 20% off all the Badlion Premium prices! You can save up to 40% off Badlion Premium if you purchase the 1 year package (valued at $119.40).

Please note that all of these subscriptions will change to the normal rates after the initial payment. Examples: If you purchase the 1 month subscription at $7.95 the next month will be back at the normal $9.95 rate. If you purchase the 3 month subscription at $21.55 the next renewal time (3 months later) will be at $26.95. Same goes with the 1 year of $71.95 -> $89.95. So anyone who is good at math here will realize that if they want to play Badlion Premium over the next year that the 1 year package is the best deal out of all of them and will save them the most money for the long term.

Special Offer: Referral Program!

You can earn money here at Badlion by recruiting your friends to play Badlion Premium with you! Every single Badlion Premium user is eligible for this special program. For every single person you refer to Badlion Premium we will add $5 to your Badlion Wallet. At $50 or more you can cash out the Badlion Wallet to your own bank account! You can also choose to use the Badlion Wallet funds to pay for your own Badlion Premium membership or purchase other things on the Badlion Store. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make money off of, but you will need to be a Badlion Premium member in order to qualify for this program. We will have more information about this at a later date as well.

New perks coming to Badlion Open

As you recall in our previous post ( about the new client anti-cheat (BAC) coming to Badlion, we will have a much more cheat free environment. We will be allowing users to utilize BAC software on some of the Badlion Open game modes and features. Below is a breakdown of how Badlion Open will be taking advantage of BAC:

  • In game tag if you are running BAC: If you are currently connected with BAC, all players will be able to visibly see that you are playing with BAC enabled. This will help legit players prove they are legit and help remove a lot of the stigma that everyone who beats you is cheating. It is recommended that if you can, you should always run BAC whether you are premium or not to improve your in game experience (better connection, fixed glitches, less hackusations).
  • Prove you’re legit on the Badlion Arena ladder: If you play 50 games in a row of a ladder with BAC enabled (100% of games also works if you have played less than 50) you will have a symbol next to your name on the ladder page signifying you play with BAC. If you have every ladder with the BAC symbol, it also shows up on global. This is available to ALL players. Please note you lose your BAC status if you play a game without BAC enabled and have to re-earn it.
  • Prove you’re legit in Badlion UHC and minigames: UHC/minigames you fully complete with only the BAC enabled (never relog without the BAC on) will be a stat tracked on your UHC and other minigame stats.
  • End of Arena Season Tournaments: The top x amount of players on the global ladder with the BAC symbol will be allowed to enter an end of season tournament for a prize. This is available to ALL players.
  • UHC Championship Game: We will require all participants to be running BAC during it, along with meeting the normal requirements to quality for a UHC Championship Game.
  • Ability to play Badlion Open Arena AC only: If you are a Badlion Premium Subscriber, you can toggle this option to guarantee you only get matched against other people running the anticheat. While free/plus members cannot guarantee only AC matches, if they run the AC while playing there will be a greater chance of playing against another player with the AC active.

  • Leagues and special tournaments coming in early 2017 to Badlion Premium Subscribers

  • 1v1 Arena League: Still designing but the initial plans are a 1v1 ladder on the 128 tps premium servers where you compete in a specific kit every two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, first place will win a cash prize, the ladder will reset and a new kit will be select for the next two weeks.
  • UHC Cash Games: These are only for Badlion Premium users, and they will take place every so often. These are events that only premium players can participate in to win cash prizes by winning the UHC. Think of them as the equivalent of Arena tournaments for UHC. There is no entry fee other than being a Badlion Premium subscriber.
  • 5v5 PUG Matchmaking: The PUG system is very similar to CSGO/ESEA/LoL/Overwatch matchmaking where you play the competitive map/kits/gamemodes from the current league with a random team (solo or duo queue). This is for premium only and will be played on 128 tps servers. We will detail this out more in a follow up post as well as announce the game modes for this new PUG matchmaking system.
  • 5v5 Cash League: We will be hosting a special 5v5 League where people will need to create small skilled teams and fight for some huge cash prizes starting next year. The 5v5 League will be based on the PUG game modes, and will have seasons consisting of weekly matches, playoffs, and a finals. More information to come on this later too :)
  • UHC League: A league for our UHC enthusiasts. Compete in weekly/bi-weekly matches for a chance to quality for some larger cash prizes. We will be partnering up with some people in the UHC community to bring this amazing experience to Badlion very soon. More information to come at a later date.
  • Other tournaments/events: We will host various one off tournaments with cash prizes for all of our game modes. This is just our way of saying “Badlion is a competitive platform, we will give you lots of competitive content here!”

  • Conclusion

    This has been a very long post with a lot of information to digest. With that all being said we are super excited to be sharing all of this great news and upcoming features with Badlion Premium with you, our community. Below is a quick summary of what was discussed in this post in case you forgot something, as well as a FAQ to help answer some common questions we think you will have (will edit more in as we get them).

    1. Lifetime ranks are no longer purchasable.
    2. If you have a lifetime rank from before this post you are eligible for some free Badlion Premium time
    3. Any Badlion Premium Subscriber can make money off of the referral program, $5 for every referral made.
    4. Badlion Premium is having a special Launch Sale where you can save up to 40% off the regular price of Badlion Premium, read above for more information.
    5. Lots of awesome features and money to be won in the Badlion Premium programs!

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    What is a Subscription?

    A subscription is an automatic payment system that automatically charges your credit card or payment method on a regular basis (month, 3 month, year). Examples of services that use subscriptions are Netflix or Spotify. They make the process of using what you love easier without having to remember about paying a bill every month. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any point in time and you are able to use the service until the end of your last payment cycle’s time.

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Of course you can, anytime you choose to. You will be allowed to use your remaining time that you paid for as well.

    How long can I be eligible for the Lifetime upgrade?

    1 week from this announcement we will accept requests for lifetime ranks. If you have spent the required amount of money ($30 for Donator, $50 for Donator+, $75 for Lion) in the past on your 1 month ranks then please make a post here: and we will get you your free lifetime legacy rank. In addition you will qualify for the free Badlion Premium time depending on the legacy rank system above.

    When can I order Badlion Premium?

    Badlion Premium will go on sale December 7th. Purchasing Badlion Premium will give you beta access and free time up until the full release. Your actual subscription will begin on the full release date of Badlion Premium.

    I want to buy at a discounted rate even though I am being given free Badlion Premium time for my lifetime rank. Can I do this?

    Yes. For the people who are being given free time on Badlion Premium you can also purchase additional time during the launch sale. We will just add on the amount of time you purchase on top of your free time.

    Example: You are a Donator+ and buy 1 year of Badlion Premium subscription at $71.95 for the first year. You will be given your free 6 months and then 1 year for your purchase, totalling in 18 months of Badlion Premium total.

    I don’t want to subscribe, I don’t like automatic payments. Is there a way for me to purchase still?

    Yes. There is a 10% upcharge for anyone that wishes to do a one time payment instead of a subscription. We will be waiving this 10% upcharge on the 1 year package for the Launch Sale of Badlion Premium as a special promo.

    I have a bunch of $25/50 gift cards from Visa or American Express and I want to buy the 1 year package to save money! How do i do this?

    Don’t worry, I myself was a kid too at one point (hard to believe right?). I know how much it sucks to not be able to buy the things you want online because you don’t have a real credit card or a larger gift card to be able to do so (my mom hated [and still hates] the internet, she wouldn’t let me buy anything online).

    This all being said, we will spend extra time making a special Badlion Wallet feature where people can load money (or gift cards) onto their wallet to save up for a larger purchase. So if you have several Visa gift cards you can add them to your Badlion Wallet you can save up to purchase a larger package such as the 1 year package.

    Remember during the Launch Sale we will be waiving the 10% upcharge on one time purchases from the 1 year Badlion Premium package.
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