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Badlion Client Beta 0.9.6 Update

Hey everyone. Back with a huge update to the Badlion Client! Really excited about this update as we are introducing several big pieces into the Badlion Client/Badlion Premium Beta including Premium UHCs, a rework on the ArenaPvP League (1v1 system) and a bunch of bug fixes/improvements all around.

We are reading the forums, twitter, and other feedback channels constantly. Please continue to give us feedback/criticism and we will do our best to continue to polish this product to make it the best that we can.

More information & Download link:

Badlion Premium UHC's are finally here! We are proud and excited to deliver one of the most requested features for the client since day 1. Badlion Premium UHC's will be a completely automatic system so you never have to worry about a game not being hosted.

We have made some changes to how these UHC's work compared to our normal Badlion Open UHC's which are explained below:

  • UHC's automatically allow pre-whitelist [Premium members] to join 10 minutes before the game opens to the public
  • Once the game opens to the public there is a 3 minute grace period in FFA games until the countdown begins. If the server is full this time will be shortened to 30 seconds. Team games have a 5 minute grace period and won't be shortened so you have time to form your team.
  • Same as on Badlion Open, once the countdown begins you are locked into the game and on the whitelist.
  • You can only late join 10 minutes after the start of a Premium UHC as opposed to the normal 20 minutes on Badlion Open. This is a Badlion Premium feature only.
  • You cannot late join a game if all the slots are currently full (e.g. game was filled up when countdown started and no one has died yet).
  • Higher priority is given to players who have Premium or Plus over no rank. If a game is full after it opens and there is a mixture of free/plus/premium members inside and a new premium member tries to join, it will randomly boot a free player (or a plus if no free players are available). The same happens with a plus member trying to join if there are free members. Premium members can never be kicked. If the game is a team game and you are on a team with a premium member you will not be able to be kicked either.
  • Premium UHC's do not have whitelist options for players to use. This means there is no /wl command so don't waste your breath asking for a whitelist.
  • Strip Mining will result in no ores. To help combat game rule breakers and to ensure that these games can be automatic we have removed all ores from the map that are not exposed to air (e.g. connected to a cave/hill) or connected to a vein that is touching air. This means you can dig forever on y = 12 and it won't help you if you are not in a cave. This also means that stair casing/rollercoasters are not enforced on Premium UHC's.
  • 10 minutes after the 25x25 shrink you will be teleported into a pre-made death match arena and fight to the death. 15 minutes later players will randomly start taking damage.
  • Antixray is disabled (since you need to use our client which makes xraying impossible).

  • Make sure to give the list above a second read through. It's a lot of information to take in and it will affect how you player UHC on Badlion Premium.

    Since these UHC's run fully automated there won't be staff online to check /helpop if you report bugs. Therefor we created a special thread where you can report all the bugs:

    ArenaPvP 1v1 128 TPS League has been revamped! We heard the community loud and clear. One ladder every two weeks is not enough gameplay options for the users. We cannot make every ladder available on this system or it will spread the players too thin. With this feedback and this idea in mind we have decided on the following new format for the ArenaPvP 1v1 128 TPS League.

  • Resets every 2 weeks.
  • 3 Ladders available every 2 weeks - (1) BuildUHC or IronBuildUHC (2) Potion/Soup Ladder (3) Non-Potion/Non-Soup Ladder (things like archer etc).
  • A small cash prize for whoever is at the top of the ladder at the end of the two weeks (not during beta).
  • Individual Leaderboards for each of the three ladders.

  • The concept is very simple but should create some very competitive and skill based PvP on the new Badlion Premium systems. As a reminder BAC (Badlion Anticheat) is watching your every move when you are playing on Badlion Premium. Play fair and have fun.

    With the 0.9.6 update to the Badlion Client we are super excited to share the first version of some new technology we are incorporating into the Badlion Minecraft Client called Betterframes. Over the course of time we will be working to improve the performance of the Badlion Minecraft Client using similar technology that we have modified our servers to run at higher tick rates or fit up to a 1000 players on a single server (for those old time Arena/UHC players). We are already seeing some FPS improvements of up to 2x for certain machine configurations with this first version of Betterframes. We will continue to update/improve Betterframes over time until it is the best performing Minecraft client in existence.

    Other New Features

  • Store is released! Read more about it here:
  • 32 Bit Client - Welcome to the beta :)
  • Dynamic FOV Option in Minecraft Client.
  • Custom MC Installation path in Account -> Settings (for users who have their MC installed in a different location or under a different user)
  • Reports (Start of new Support tab) - Report players who you think might be cheating or ban evading (on Premium only, not Open). We have plans to build a karma system and some other goodies along with this eventually. The more accurate reports submitted the better your karma/positive ratio will be eventually.
  • Hitbox mod (instead of f3 + b).
  • Added mod to allow bow animation from 1.7
  • "Reload Resources" button on the Minecraft pause menu to reload chunks if they bug out.
  • Added search box to the Texture Pack system on Minecraft client.

  • Lots of gameplay bug fixes this patch. The Badlion Minecraft Client is running a lot smoother than before. Also found a really big problem that got pushed out in 0.9.4 that we missed that was causing lag for users on servers with more than 50ms ping.

  • Fixed issue with client lagging on servers with ping above 50. Should be way smoother gameplay for people now
  • Fixed fullscreen resizing bug with F11 (default Minecraft bug).
  • Fixed Texture Packs randomly resetting while playing. (Mainly noticed while playing ArenaPvP 1v1).
  • Fixed issue with texture pack system rarely crashing when enabling a resource pack.
  • Fixed issue with external GUI not initializing sometimes.
  • Fixed more knockback issues when fighting in water on 128 TPS.
  • Fixed knockback with speed 2 fighting.
  • Fixed scaling issues with some of the Minecraft mods.
  • Fixed a few race conditions where sometimes the game would not boot up into a match properly and you would be forced to reconnect.
  • Pushed more fixes/tweaks to try and fix -4, -14, -16 Minecraft jar patching system. We will be changing it more in the next patch to hopefully resolve any lingering issues.
  • Fixed issue with custom JVM arguments getting corrupted and preventing game from launching.
  • Fixed bug with f5 sometimes glitching out and seeing through chunks.
  • Fixed issue with block sometimes disappearing in front of your camera.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous 1.7 animations on other players (including block hitting).
  • Fixed walking animations.
  • Fixed leg animation when being hit.
  • Fixed uninstallation process not cleaning up all files from Badlion Client.
  • Fixed issue with texture packs not disabling if disabled on server.
  • Fixed issue with Minecraft shadows "bouncing" around sometimes.
  • Fixed issue with multiple texture packs being loaded at once.
  • Fixed rendering/scaling of Armor Status mod for Minecraft client.
  • Fixed visual glitch when a zombie would ride a chicken or similar situations with mobs.
  • Fixed enchanting for 1.7 compatible Premium servers (will continue to tweak/advance this feature over time).

  • We have made a lot of tweaks and performance improvements to the Badlion Client/MC Client this patch. Check them out:

  • Togglesneak and Togglesprint are now two different options.
  • Tweaked configuration menus on Badlion Client to allow multiple levels of configuration (e.g. specify something specifically for a certain mod instead of just enabling/disabling mods).
  • Tweak error message pop up to have a nice big button to report the bugs so we stop getting screenshots on twitter.
  • Client will now check for full updates when running instead of just while turning on.
  • Improved Minecraft boot time to be 2x faster.
  • Improved Minecraft Jar Patching to be up to 2.5x faster.
  • Improved "Checking for updates…" for the Badlion Minecraft Client up to 7x faster.
  • Improved Minecraft minimap performance mod (on average 10x faster and up to 120x faster than before) [it was programmed really badly the first time].
  • Added the a new "Performance Menu" in the Minecraft client that we will be adding settings for people to optimize their game performance.
  • Show more information in the Minecraft Client when joining/connecting a match instead of just the main menu.
  • Added more detailed logs into client to get better information for debugging.
  • Change how attack clicking is handled to prevent client breaking/spazzing out/false firing GCheat.
  • Added "[Disabled]" to the "Disconnect" button on the MC client to lower confusion.

  • Planned Changes for next Patch

  • Support Ticket System (Premium Users Only).
  • Rating Graphs for player progression (similar to our ArenaPvP 1v1 rating graphs).
  • Ability to queue up and not lose your spot in queue when browsing other parts of the Badlion Client.
  • More stabilized communication between Badlion Client and Minecraft.
  • More detailed information about queues and estimated matchmaking times.
  • More Minecraft optimizations/performance improvements.
  • More Bug Fixes.
  • Better Debugging Tools.

  • Known Issues

  • Issue with the Badlion JAR client sometimes thinks it isn't being launched by the client. If this bug continues to happen, you can do a full restart on both the JAR and the Badlion Client to fix this. This should be fixed in 0.9.7.
  • Knockback might need to be tweaked for 128 tps.
  • The client is not yet optimized, expect poor FPS on older computers.
  • MLGing on 20tps will occasionally play the hurt damage noise but you won't take damage.
  • Some people are having issues patching the JAR with -1 error, we are currently looking into it.

  • Really excited to share this huge update to the Badlion Client. In my own personal opinion this update is starting to make the client truly shine as an awesome piece of technology and a great start to the future of Competitive Minecraft. We have lots of plans to keep adding awesome features to make it even better with time and I cannot wait to see them all in the client.

    As a reminder, all bug reports belong here: Please provide as much information as possible so we can help you with your problem.

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    wow looks great!
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    Worth the all-nighter ~
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    This sounds really good, can't wait to play the UHC :o

    Question, where are the UHC server hosted? I'm assuming there won't be servers such as Singapore since there will be so little players. Also, you should update to have links to things like the shop and client.
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    AMSGamingTQ wrote

    This sounds really good, can't wait to play the UHC :o

    Question, where are the UHC server hosted? I'm assuming there won't be servers such as Singapore since there will be so little players. Also, you should update to have links to things like the shop and client.

    Check this page:

    They are also in the client itself. I think we are doing at least one game in each location for now.
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    Holy shit
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    Sounds gud,
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    This sounds really good. Cant wait to try it
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    How do i delete the Minecraft Path setting? I accidently touched it :P
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    Lol the launcher take more than 30 secs to launch minecraft,but after 30secs there is a pop-up which tell us to do a bug report, is it necessary? how to correct it? xd
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    Same error bro
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    MasterGBerry wrote

    Badlion Premium UHC's will be a completely automatic system so you never have to worry about a game not being hosted.

    Anonymous Quote...

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    @arkenser I have the same problem.
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