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Badlion Client 2.9 - Lights! Camera! Action!

Welcome to the longest patch notes of Badlion Client 2 history! We are sorry that this update has taken so long to be released, but we promise it will be worth the wait! We also hope to resume our average 6 week release cycle for 2.10 and 2.11 which are both planned to be released before the holiday season :)

I have two special announcements to throw in here at the top:

1. BLC 2.9+ will not be made available on 1.14.1, 1.14.2, or 1.14.3. Go start using 1.14.4 to take advantage of all of the features! We will be removing 1.14.1, 1.14.2, and 1.14.3 completely from the launcher when we release BLC 2.10 (which will be in about 6 weeks from now).

2. We have had to remove the Music (Spotify) Mod from the Badlion Client temporarily. We are working out some legal issues with Spotify and hope to add it back in a future update with an even deeper integration and more improved features! (And yes according to Spotify any other current Minecraft integrations are against their TOS and subject to legal notices.)

Without further delay, let's dive into the patch notes.

Replay Mod

The Replay Mod is by far the largest piece of this update, and is what took us a good 9-10 weeks to complete by itself. This mod allows you to record your gameplay onto a special replay file that can later be viewed for a variety of purposes such as youtube videos, gameplay improvements, or even reporting hackers on servers.

The community has been asking for this mod for over a year, and we are super happy to finally be able to deliver it! We are currently working on some Wiki Pages to go over this mod in more detail since there is a lot of ground to cover. We are also excited to share that the Replay Mod is working in 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.12.2, and 1.14.4!

We even spent extra time making it possible for you to use your old Replay Mod recording on the Badlion Client! That means any old replays from the Forge Mod are 100% compatible with BLC (assuming recorded on the correct version of Minecraft).

How do I use replay mod?

The Replay Mod is a very complex mod with a lot of cool features including start/stopping recordings, pausing them, making camera paths, exporting video content, and more! We have put together some Wiki Pages to go over the mod in more detail here:

What are the next steps for the Replay Mod?

Our next steps for the Replay is dependent on what the community wants to see from it! We will of course first and foremost fix any bugs that are reported, and then after this we will look into improving or adding new features into the Replay Mod in future versions of Badlion Client. I imagine this will happen in 2.11 or 2.12 depending on how big the features are…the team wants a little break from the mod after working on it for over 2 months straight (and they have earned that break).

Teamspeak Mod

Are you an avid Teamspeak user? Well we have the perfect mod for you today! We are happy to announce our own integration with Teamspeak where you can now see exactly what is happening in your Teamspeak server without ever having to leave Minecraft! Simply use "J" to open the Teamspeak Slideout (after enabling the mod) and see your complete channel breakdown, switch channels, mute or deafen yourself, or even connect and disconnect from a server!

You can also see who is talking in your channel, joining or leaving, sending messages, etc using the actual mod on your GUI. We are happy to finally support more VOIP programs, and hope you all enjoy this new feature! Let us know in the comments how you want to see us continue to improve the Teamspeak integration.

You can read more about how to setup and use this mod here:

Mumble Mod

Do you like playing UHC games? Well then we have the perfect mod for you! Proximity voice is now integrated into Badlion Client with the Mumble Mod! You can now join your favorite Mumble server and hear players on your left or right side depending on their positions around you! It's a pretty cool idea, and it took a lot of debugging to make sure it was working just right. We are also glad to share that the Badlion Client version of the Mumble Mod is completely compatible with the Forge version. So that means one player can be using Badlion Client, and another can be using Forge, and the mod will work for both players (but let's be real, Badlion Client version is cooler).

You can read more about how to setup and use this mod here:

Cobweb MLG mod

Do you love living life on the edge? Are you a MLG expert? Well now you can be with the Cobweb MLG Mod! This mod is helpful for identifying whether you will survive a drop from a high distance by using a cobweb on the ground. It's particularly useful for Bedwars players, and was requested by our friends at

We hope you can stick all of your landings now!

Launcher Progress Bars

They have been out for a while now, but it's worth mentioning these awesome progress bars we added to the launcher! You can now see exactly what is happening when you are installing Java, or patching a new Jar! It took quite a bit of work to get this functional, but I think we can all agree it was well worth it.

Launcher Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users would get "Aborted Installation" sometimes when installing BLC
  • Fixed some issues with how Optifine does it's 1.14 installation to make it compatible with BLC…basically just removed a duplicate file from it which broke our patching system
  • Fixed an issue where Optifine would not be re-installed if you deleted it after installing it…not that anyone normal would ever do this
  • Fixed some small debug mistakes that made it harder to find a problem in the client that I can no longer remember because it was before my vacation
  • Fixed an issue where some users could not use the Badlion Client launcher due to an immediate crash
  • Fixed uninstaller to remove new files from upgrades above
  • Fixed an issue where a corrupted usercache.json could prevent Minecraft from launching
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the amount of memory reported on the system would overflow…to a really big negative number
  • Fixed some random pathing issues that some users would experience sometimes depending on installation and operating system language
  • Fixed installations on a direct drive (e.g. D:\, E:\, etc)
  • Fixed some internal BAC connection handling stuff for special enterprise partners
  • Fixed an issue where environment variable _JAVA_OPTIONS would break Badlion Client…no longer allowed
  • Removed old BLC 2.8.5 installation from installed application listing, caused by a bug with a 3rd party lib we use

  • Minecraft Fixes

    2.9.1 Fixes

  • [1.8] Fixed FOV mod to work again with Optifine properly
  • [1.14.4] Fixed recording icon to render properly for Replay Mod
  • [All] Fixed "B", "X", and "J" keybinds to work as intended again (depending on what you have them set to)
  • [All] Fixed crash related to camera preview
  • [All] Fixed shield rendering in wrong location on arm if skin was slim format

  • 2.9.0 Fixes

  • [1.14.4] Cooldown on hits was quicker than it should for the Crosshair mod
  • [1.14.4] Cloaks shoulders not appearing correctly
  • [1.14.4] Fixed an issue where Crosshair mod was showing new animals as hostile when they're not
  • [1.14.3] Couldn't see other players emotes
  • [All] Fixed an issue where Schematica's printer did not work in multiplayer
  • [All] Fixed an issue where switching profiles removed your emotes from the menu
  • [All] Weather options not working
  • [All] Armor not showing when emoting
  • [All] Enchanted shield being upside down
  • [All] Fixed an issue where if you emoted, other players couldn't see your name
  • [All] Schematic not being able to be saved
  • [All] Cosmetics being disabled if you purchased a new one
  • [All] Lily pads crashing your game
  • [All] Keybinds being broken for the emote menu
  • [All] Enchant glint not working properly
  • [All] All cosmetics disappear when sneaking
  • [All] Schematica crashing your game
  • [All] Not all of the chat messages were being sent
  • [All] Sometimes the Keystrokes Mod would Show "F" for Right Clicking
  • [All] Loading a Schematic will disable the sounds
  • [All] Name tag not working correctly while using the perspective mod
  • [All] Perspective mod not working correctly
  • [All] Fixed an issue with mouse binding
  • [All] Fixed misc crash reports
  • [All] Item Counter mod using the same texture for god apples and golden apples
  • [All] Default MC FPS counter now usable on the client

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • Added support for Mumble Mod described above
  • Upgraded Launcher from Chromium 58.0.3029.110 to 76.0.3809.139
  • Upgraded from NodeJS 8 to NodeJS 12
  • Upgraded to newer libraries for basically everything we use in the launcher
  • Removed a few dependencies in favor of existing libraries we have which makes Mac OS X easier to program
  • Decreased size of installation files
  • Complete overhaul of internal string handling to make Mac OS X version possible
  • Complete overhaul of code base to make Mac OS X a possibility…and actually compile (kinda)
  • Changed Java Download to be https (secure download) instead of http (non-secure download)
  • Increased BAC Server Listing API limit to allow it to be updated more often
  • Added a bunch of debug for some users who can't get Minecraft to launch properly
  • Added more automatic crash detection for Action! and OpenGL32 errors
  • Added ffmpeg.exe to installation for Replay Mod video exporting
  • Removed registry usage for Java location…it's an old legacy feature we no longer use
  • Removed a bunch of old deprecated functions from the old Badlion Premium code base…less clutter is easier to manage
  • Added more possible error codes when internet/network cannot download files for the client to launch
  • Added new languages to client: Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish (all partially complete)
  • Increased timeouts for BAC servers to make slower computers more likely to connect without issues
  • Rework implementation of BAC to not force require reboots when a new driver update is deployed…optional now (but is still required if you want to play on a BAC server)
  • Improved back off retry support for connecting to our servers if we can't connect…we built a mini botnet on accident to our own servers with BLC…was pretty stressful deploying updates sometimes in fear of hitting our backend offline lol…all fixed now
  • Added a cool automatic archiving system to logs to take up less disk space over time
  • Added help messages for when your DNS is bad and you can't connect to our servers because of it.

  • SkyBlockAddOns Mod

    The super popular mod SkyBlockAddOns will be coming to Badlion Client in 2.10! We have seen the community request this mod time and time again, and we are happy to announce we have plans to support every feature in the Badlion Client soon. We might even try to add some new features ourselves :)

    Mod Profile Manager

    As we continue to move forward and offer more customization options in Badlion Client, we want to revisit one of the earliest parts of the project and overhaul it, the Mod Profiles. Right now you have a very basic system which just allows you to make multiple profiles and change the name. We plan on improving the UI of this module, but we also want to add new features! Some of the new features we are planning on adding are:

  • Adding images/icons to your mod profiles
  • New pagination system for mod profiles
  • Ability to browse and download other user's mod profiles
  • Find your profiles easier with a search bar
  • Set global defaults for Graphics Mode And Text Mode mods (explained below)
  • [Insiders] Ability to upload mod profiles to share with other users

  • We feel like this set of changes will bring the Badlion Client 2 Mod Profile system up to our standards of a fully fledged module in the Badlion Client. We hope you guys are excited, as this new mod profile system will be appearing in BLC 2.10.

    Mod Improvements

    We have plans to clean up and improve almost every single mod in the Badlion Client over the next 2 patches. We plan on offering multiple versions of almost all of the mods including "Text Mode" and "Graphics Mode" if possible. I'll briefly explain what these terms mean:

    Graphics Mode - Basically every mod existing in the client is a "Graphics Mode" mod. It has a background color, some text, a border, padding, etc.
    Text Mode - A very minimal text version of the mod with little to no padding, no background colors, similar to the F3 screen.

    We know there are users who don't like the bigger mods we currently have, and this is why we will be introducing Text Mode as an option in BLC 2.10 and 2.11.

    GUI Editor Overhaul

    We are going to give our GUI Editor for the mod management a nice overhaul. We have some big plans to continue to try and improve the experience for modifying your mod layouts. This includes some long awaited concepts such as resizing multiple pieces at once, more helpful hints, and more things to come soon. We also will be looking into a new system to allow for automatic resizing of mods (what it currently does) based on screen size or a static one (does not resize based on resolution).

    This overhaul will be released of BLC 2.10 and 2.11 combined with the Mod Improvements Plan above.

    Insider Improvements

    We have several Insider features planned for BLC 2.10 and 2.11. It's been a while since we have given them some love, and they deserve all of the love because the people who are Insiders are directly supporting our development team! If you want to become an Insider check it out on our shop here:

    We will tease the new features on Twitter and Discord as they become available. No sneak peaks yet :)

    New Mods Approaching

  • Clock/Date Mod - Check what time it is when you are in full screen mode
  • Memory Mod - See your memory usage without all of the nasty F3 data
  • Combo Mod - See how many hits you got in a row before you missed like a noob lel
  • Sneak Mod - ToggleSneak will be broken up into two pieces to make it easier to control
  • Sprint Mod - ToggleSneak will be broken up into two pieces to make it easier to control
  • Nick Hider Mod - Change your nickname and others on Hypixel

  • We have a few small items on our TODO list to improve your BLC experience, below you can find a few of them:

  • Crosshair Mod - More customization options to get that perfect crosshair you are looking for
  • GUI Scale - More options to change the GUI scale for Minecraft
  • ArmorStatus Mod - We are going to overhaul and fix the ArmorStatus mod from the ground up so it fits every use case you can imagine
  • Coordinates Mod - We have a bunch of little quality of life improvements for this mod in the pipeline

  • Replay Mod might have a few stability issues or glitches. Please report them here:

  • And there you have it everyone! The longest update in Badlion Client 2 history! It took a long time but we are proud to have added the most difficult feature into Badlion Client, the Replay Mod. Going forward everything else will be much easier for us to do and require less time and effort as a whole.

    If you appreciate our hard work on this client, share it with a friend. Seeing our constantly increasing user base motivates us to keep adding new features and improvements to the client!


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    Finally!!!! Thanks to all the devs and can’t wait for the next updates.
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    Now I want Discord Mod since there is Teamspeak Mod. But I love this update.
    PM Link
    Great job, thanks to everyone who worked on this update. But now I want a Discord Mod
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    PM Link

    Shirayuki123 wrote

    Now I want Discord Mod since there is Teamspeak Mod. But I love this update.

    Kasperochick wrote

    Great job, thanks to everyone who worked on this update. But now I want a Discord Mod

    Why do we need to develop one? Discord already provides an overlay that you can use with it :)
    PM Link
    plz add discord mod
    ( add IGN in playing discord )
    PM Link
    How to change replay mod keybinds?

    PM Link
    The overlay only works with the game you're playing, and Discord detects the launcher instead of the actual game.
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    VulgoJow wrote

    How to change replay mod keybinds?

    These keybinds (in the repaly viewer) cannot be changed currently.
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    I'm not able to join Why tho
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    zayn44 wrote

    I'm not able to join Why tho

    They are currently under maintenance. Check out their website :)
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    What about the Mouse Bind Fix mode? I was waiting for that mode to be implemented
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    coolmike1012 wrote

    What about the Mouse Bind Fix mode? I was waiting for that mode to be implemented

    It's part of the update.
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    Is only a rework for armorstatus planned or will there also be a statuseffect rework?
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    Wow that is really a huge update. I have been looking foreward to the replay mod for a long time, thanks for implementing it.
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    Winner wrote

    Is only a rework for armorstatus planned or will there also be a statuseffect rework?

    You mean the Potion Status Mod? What would you like see changed on it?
    PM Link
    Hello personal and configurator of the badlion client, I would like you to change the .mcpr format of the videos that can be recorded with the replay mod and change them to a format compatible with the different video editors, on the other hand congratulations for the progress of the customer you are having, thank you very much. -Demon_Sqk
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