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Client Crashing Upon Launch / Update Available
Hello, I was using the Badlion client just 2-3 hours ago with no issue. Now when I attempt to open the launcher it says "Checking for updates" and immediately forces the launcher to close.

I already tried:
re-installing Badlion
deleting the Badlion folder in %appdata%
changing the compatibility mode
opening the launcher within the file location
and updating my drivers, none of these worked.

Oh lastly, did nothing as I already had the setting enabled.

Here is a gif of when I attempt to open the launcher on my desktop -
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same thing w me rn, hopefully this gets fixed soon
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Can you guys go into this fourm:

And each make a thread in it? Please in this forum thread try to find this log and paste it in the report:

C:\Program Files\Badlion Client\logs\launcher\(fine_the_newest_file_here).log
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Edit: Alright guys I have fixed it, I went inside my Badlion folder and manually deleted EVERY folder included and re-installed. I did this because if you use the uninstaller, it does not delete a few folders that require administrators permission to open.
I also updated Java if that did anything.

This did the trick for me.
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