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Badlion Client 2.10 - SkyBlock AddOns & More!

Welcome to the newest Badlion Client update! We are excited as always to share what we have been working on the last month and a half. We are currently in a huge internal process of cleaning up things and preparing for another huge change log for Badlion Client 2.11, which will release right before the holidays.

We have spent a lot of time in the last weeks adding and improving the SkyBlock AddOns Mod, improving our GUI Editor to allow for easier scaling/sizing of mods, making it easier to align and move mods together, fixing bugs, and many more things. Check out the full patch notes below!

Skyblock Addons

First and foremost, a quick shout out to Biscuit ( who created the original version of the Skyblock Addons mod. He has been super supportive to us and we are excited to bring his work into the Badlion Client today.

So what is Skyblock Addons? Skyblock Addons is a mod designed for Hypixel's newest game mode, Skyblock which has taken the Minecraft community by storm. It's a PvE (Player vs Environment) game mode where you spend your time gathering resources, fighting mobs/bosses, and evolving your home (island). If you are interested in learning more about Skyblock, you can check out the official forums on Hypixel's website here:

We plan on continuing to add new features to the Skyblock Addons mod as time goes on as well, so keep an eye out for new features every now and then.

Below is a list of the currently live features from the Skyblock Addons Mod:

  • Hide players near NPCs
  • Hide players in the lobby
  • Ignore Item frame clicks
  • Magma boss timer & shows it in other gamemodes
  • Dark auction timer & shows it in other gamemodes
  • Show backpack preview & option to only have it on when pressing shift
  • Backpack inventories colored
  • Bows do not allow to open profiles
  • Hide skeleton helmet bone bar
  • Avoid breaking stems
  • Only mine ores in deep cavern
  • Stop bow charge from resetting
  • Disable Ember rod on island
  • Avoid placing enchanted items
  • Don't reset Cursor between inventories
  • Hide food & armor bars
  • Hide vanilla health bar
  • Mana Bar & number
  • Health bar & number
  • Defense number & percentage
  • Health updates (Shows damage taken and healed)
  • Speed percentage (Shows your speed level)
  • Skill progress display
  • Change health bar color when poisoned & withered
  • Magma boss warning (color customizable & duration)
  • Full inventory warning (color customizable & duration)
  • Summoning eye alert in chat
  • Minion "Cannot reach" Warning (color customizable & duration)
  • Ender chests green in the end
  • Enchant and reforges (Shows your previews and allows you to not skip the enchants/reforges you want)
  • Drop confirmation & in other games
  • Prevent selling/dropping rare items
  • Lock inventory slots (Custom keybind)
  • Replace roman numerals (Example Sharpness V would be Sharpness 5)
  • Show item anvil uses
  • Fishing sound indicator
  • Disable night vision potion blinking
  • Disable Minion Location warning
  • Prevent walking after death
  • Show item cooldowns
  • Jungle axe cooldown (Doesn't allow you to break blocks when the axe is on cooldown)
  • Hide grey enchants
  • Organize long enchant lists
  • Choose crafting patterns
  • Item Pickup log

  • macOS Closed Beta

    I am super super super SUPER proud to present macOS Badlion Client (insert Apple Bootup Sound from the 90's).

    Yes at long last, the Badlion Client has made it off of a Windows Only Client, and we welcome macOS users to the Badlion Client family! We are excited to have you join us starting today during Closed Beta.

    Where do I download Badlion Client for macOS?

    I highly suggest you read the rest of the information below, but if you just want to dive straight into the client here is your download link:

    What does Closed Beta mean?

    Closed Beta means not everyone can use the Badlion Client Mac version currently. You can download the client, but it won't launch until you upgrade your account to Insider rank ($5 for 1 month). We have put together a nifty guide showing exactly how to download and install the Badlion Client for macOS here:

    What Features are missing?

    Everything is part of Badlion Client on macOS except for Badlion Anticheat (BAC). BAC is specifically programmed for Windows, and has years of work behind it which could not simply be ported over to macOS at the current moment. We will look into if this is possible to achieve at a later date in time.

    Badlion Client for macOS has everything else still that you expect from Badlion Client such as FPS Boost, Cool Cosmetics, 40+ Mods, Chat, Friends, Emotes, and more! Your Minecraft experience is about to get a huge upgrade with Badlion Client for macOS.

    When will Open Beta be?

    We don't have a planned date for when closed beta will end and when open beta will begin, but we hope that closed beta will end before Christmas. It heavily depends on the number of bugs that are reported, and how long it takes for us to fix them.

    How long did macOS support take?

    This has been a side project of mine for around 4-5 months now. It took a lot of time and effort and many of my weekends were spent working on this instead of spending time with my girlfriend. So make sure to give her a quick thank you on Twitter for letting me spend my free time on this instead of spending it all with her:

    Will Badlion Client come to Linux?

    This heavily depends on how large of an adaption rate we see from the macOS users. If we see a decent increase in our user counts due to the macOS version, then we will most likely look into porting Badlion Client onto Linux in 2020. We will share more information on this at the start of next year.

    Cosmetic Menu 2.0

    Today we are excited to share some long requested features for the Cosmetics system in Badlion Client, and they all are in the new Cosmetics Menu!

    As you can see from the screenshot above, we have a ton of improvements and new features which I will outline below:

  • New Menu design to not look like a pile of crap
  • Ability to filter between different cosmetic types
  • Ability to preview your cosmetics on your character model
  • Ability to preview cosmetics before buying them
  • Ability to change the positioning of cosmetics directly on the cosmetics menu

  • We believe these changes will make it easier to change your existing cosmetic character design, as well as allow users to have the chance to see how cool they would look with certain cosmetics on their character model before buying them on our shop.

    GUI editor

    One of the largest appeals to the Badlion Client is all of the awesome built in mods. We understand that it's very important to our users to be able to customize their experience with all of these mods, and that's why we have spent time over the last few weeks polishing up one of the core features of the Badlion Client, the GUI Editor.

    In this update we have added a new "Simple Mode" (under Graphics menu) to act a bit more simple/easier to position/scale mods the way you want to. With the new "Simple Mode" we have disabled mod rescaling based on your screen size. The positive is that you no longer have to worry about font stretching weirdly, the negative is you might have some mods overlapping depending on how you resize your screen. We have some further improvements/customization options coming in BLC 2.11, so hang tight for those to really get the full power of the GUI Editor.

    We still have some really cool improvements to share, to which I have some cool little gif's below:

    Guide Lines

    As part of the new GUI Editor, we have now made it easier for you to align the mods pixel perfect to each other. As you can see above, special red guidelines will now show up and snap into place with another mod's position if you get close enough. This makes it super easy to figure out exactly how to align all of your mods.

    Nine Quadrants

    As part of the new "Simple Mode", we have added a new nine quadrant system into the game to help position mods in the correct locations. Depending on which quadrant the mod(s) are in, will impact where they get shifted if you do decide to resize the screen.

    Keybind Overhaul

    What is a video game without keybinds? Boring, that's what it is, it's boring. Badlion Client as you all know adds a lot of extra functionality on top of the core game of Minecraft, but it's not always been the easiest to navigate around the interfaces. We get it. Over the coming updates we are focusing some effort into making it easier to use the Badlion Client. One of these improvements was adding a single place you can find all of the keybinds available on Badlion Client instead of searching in each individual mod. So what better place to put them where you actually would expect to find them? On the controls menu!

    As you can see above, we have added all of the Badlion keybinds to the main Minecraft controls menu. So now you never have to worry about finding that one keybind for a certain BLC feature again, because you can find them all on one easy menu. Don't worry though, we haven't removed the old keybind locations (in the mods/features directly). You can still edit them there as well.

    Warning About Existing Keybinds

    Do you prefer the old way of editing keybinds for Badlion Client features? Well we have good news for you, we now warn you when you are setting a keybind to an already in-use key!

    Now you don't have to worry about accidentally setting two things to the same keybind in the Badlion Client!

    Swapping Minecraft Versions

    Do you enjoy playing 1.8 and 1.14? Do you hate having your keybinds being reset between versions? That's a thing of the past now with Badlion Client! We now remember your keybinds for you! You can now swap between versions on the Badlion Client and not have your keybinds be reset when you swap between newer and older versions. How cool is that?

    Cloaks 2.0

    Ever want to fly around in Minecraft like Superman? Guess what? You can now! We have gone ahead and given Cloaks a much needed tune up to make them cooler and more unique than anything else in Minecraft.

    I present the new Dynamic Curved (now default) version of Badlion Cloaks! Look at the flowing in the wind! Our cloaks now behave like you actually would expect for a piece of cloth tied to your neck! We feel that this more realistic version of Cloaks will be enjoyed by the community.

    Don't like the new version of cloaks? No problem, just go to the "Graphics" menu on the Badlion Client Slideout and change it back to Rectangle.

    P.S. This setting of Dynamic Curved vs Rectangle now syncs to all other players instead of being a local setting :pogchamp:

    P.S.S. We added a way to way to disable shoulder pads now as well on the Badlion Cloaks if you really don't like them. It's also on the Graphics Menu.

    P.S.S.S. We plan on moving all of the cosmetic settings into the new Cosmetics menu as well so they are in a more logical place.


    Have you been living under a rock? Or have you been too busy placing your sprays under rocks? We released sprays about a month ago during our Halloween Cosmetics release, and with these new sprays you can paint your favorite image for every other Badlion Client player to see. It's very similar to our emote system, and you can access the spray wheel with "Y" and the editor menu with "U".

    Nick Hider Mod

    First, a quick shout out to Sk1er ( for giving us access to the source code of his Nick Hider mod to integrate into Badlion Client. The Nick Hider mod makes it possible for you to hide your nick name (if you are disguised) when playing on servers like Hypixel. The mod is primarily aimed at streamers who don't want to have their identity revealed on stream. This mod is now built into the Badlion Client free of charge of course.

    Launcher Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Badlion Client wasn't compatible with macOS
  • Fixed a bunch of instabilities with BAC causing various crashes and problems (there might still be a few, we are continuing to fix the bugs as we find them).
  • Fixed a leak in the launcher when doing a Jar Update
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Windows users could not launch Minecraft due to a user permission issue on their operating system

  • Minecraft Fixes

    2.10.3 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed Pixie Wings to allow color to be changed (forgot due to rush of BLC 2.10)
  • [All] Fix a crash related to text fields
  • [All] Fixed NickHider to work with FPS Boost
  • [All] Fixed several mods to reset properly when using the Reset button
  • [All] Fixed an issue with replay mod crashing the client if it was running for too long
  • [All] Fixed an issue where badlion client configuration settings could be corrupt and crash the client
  • [All] Fixed an issue where backpacks were not properly handled in Skyblock Addons and caused a crash
  • [All] Fixed an issue where disconnect messages were not displayed properly when joining a server and triggered a crash
  • [1.8] Fixed a crash related to Shinypots
  • [1.14] Fixed a crash related to corrupted resource packs
  • [1.14] Fixed an issue where dragon wings were misrendering
  • [macOS] Fixed an issue where arrow keys did not work properly in text fields

  • 2.10.2 Fixes

  • [All] Hide extra debug that should not have been visible without debug mode enabled
  • [All] Removed buttons that don't do anything such as "Mod Locking"
  • [All] Fix mod shaking when resizing
  • [All] Fix keybinds to set properly when overriding an existing value
  • [All] Fix previews for mods in slideout menu
  • [All] Fix GUI Editor to close when you move worlds
  • [All] Fix some issues that were causing mods to randomly rescale
  • [All] Fix motion blur if set to 1.0

  • 2.10.1 Fixes

  • [All] Try to improve mod profile saving to be more stable (and not lose your awesome configurations)
  • [All] Reworked a system to stop people from joining servers if our infrastructure is offline (not that this ever happens….jk)
  • [All] Fixed an issue where you could not scroll to the bottom of the graphics tab on BLC slideout
  • [All] Fixed an issue where cloak settings were not updating properly
  • [1.14] Fixed insta crash on launch (sorry folks)
  • [1.14] Fixed an issue where mod configurations were not showing up at the correct size with Optifine

  • 2.10.0 Fixes

  • [1.14] Implemented ItemPhysic on 1.14.4
  • [1.14] Fixed loading replays not working
  • [1.14] Fixed loading speed for the replay mod
  • [All] Insider icon above head now has chroma option
  • [All] Insider icon & messages above head now toggleable
  • [All] A lot of mods received information bubbles
  • [All] Cosmetics not working on non premium servers
  • [All] Replays not in the correct folder if you renamed them
  • [All] Elytras disappearing when emoting
  • [All] Blocks being way too big with item physics on
  • [All] Fixed custom textures not working properly "CIT" (Looking at Skyblock resource packs)
  • [All] Typing H or B in the Teamspeak mod opening the emote menu
  • [All] CPS counter not being centered
  • [All] Allow disabling item frame hitboxes
  • [All] Fixed lag spikes
  • [All] f3 + b is back (Need to change emote keybinds for it to work)

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • Improved the amount of memory required to do Jar Updates to be much less (still further improvements are planned for 2.11 or 2.12)
  • Updated access token system to new Mojang requirements of using JWT
  • Implemented new Java Downloading system that default Minecraft launcher has been using since earlier this year (whoops I missed this)

  • Mod Profile Manager

    As we continue to move forward and offer more customization options in Badlion Client, we want to revisit one of the earliest parts of the project and overhaul it, the Mod Profiles. Right now you have a very basic system which just allows you to make multiple profiles and change the name. We plan on improving the UI of this module, but we also want to add new features! Some of the new features we are planning on adding are:

  • Adding images/icons to your mod profiles
  • New pagination system for mod profiles
  • Ability to browse and download other user's mod profiles
  • Find your profiles easier with a search bar
  • Set global defaults for Graphics Mode And Text Mode mods (explained below)
  • [Insiders] Ability to upload mod profiles to share with other users

  • We feel like this set of changes will bring the Badlion Client 2 Mod Profile system up to our standards of a fully fledged module in the Badlion Client. We hope you guys are excited, as this new mod profile system will be appearing in BLC 2.11.

    Mod Improvements

    We have plans to clean up and improve almost every single mod in the Badlion Client over the next 2 patches. We plan on offering multiple versions of almost all of the mods including "Text Mode" and "Graphics Mode" if possible. I'll briefly explain what these terms mean:

    Graphics Mode - Basically every mod existing in the client is a "Graphics Mode" mod. It has a background color, some text, a border, padding, etc.
    Text Mode - A very minimal text version of the mod with little to no padding, no background colors, similar to the F3 screen.

    We know there are users who don't like the bigger mods we currently have, and this is why we will be introducing Text Mode as an option in 2.11.

    GUI Editor

    Most of the GUI Editor improvements have been released with BLC 2.10. The only one that did not quite make the cut was the resizing multiple mods together. We built a really cool system to allow you to lock mods and resize them together, but we couldn't work out all of the issues before release of BLC 2.10, so we pulled it out for now. We will release this in BLC 2.11 instead along with the other planned Mod related improvements.

    Insider Improvements

    We have several Insider features planned for 2.11. It's been a while since we have given them some love, and they deserve all of the love because the people who are Insiders are directly supporting our development team! If you want to become an Insider check it out on our shop here:

    We will tease the new features on Twitter and Discord as they become available. No sneak peaks yet :)

    New Mods Approaching

  • Clock/Date Mod - Check what time it is when you are in full screen mode
  • Memory Mod - See your memory usage without all of the nasty F3 data
  • Combo Mod - See how many hits you got in a row before you missed like a noob lel
  • Sneak Mod - ToggleSneak will be broken up into two pieces to make it easier to control
  • Sprint Mod - ToggleSneak will be broken up into two pieces to make it easier to control

  • We have a few small items on our TODO list to improve your BLC experience, below you can find a few of them:

  • Crosshair Mod - More customization options to get that perfect crosshair you are looking for
  • GUI Scale - More options to change the GUI scale for Minecraft
  • ArmorStatus Mod - We are going to overhaul and fix the ArmorStatus mod from the ground up so it fits every use case you can imagine
  • Coordinates Mod - We have a bunch of little quality of life improvements for this mod in the pipeline

  • 1.14 Mods are resetting on restart at the moment
  • 1.14 Cosmetics/Store Menu is having a few graphical problems at the moment
  • Miscellaneous crashes

  • We are excited for everyone to try out the new Skyblock Addons mod on Badlion Client along with all of the other core improvements we have rolled out with this update. We are also looking forward to BLC 2.11 where we will get to finish the second half of a huge update and share some awesome new features along with holiday cosmetics before Christmas arrives. That update is planned to come out in 5 weeks right before everyone gets time off of school.

    If you appreciate our hard work on this client, share it with a friend. Seeing our constantly increasing user base motivates us to keep adding new features and improvements to the client!


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    Longest patch notes record beaten again? Very proud!! Great work on getting 2.10 and Mac support out so quickly
    PM Link
    yessss omg i wanted addons so bad and my friend can play on mac now
    PM Link
    im happy that the sb addon is in this update, but i want to know how to force change the sizeX and sizeY
    PM Link
    I hope you can add some other languages (such as Chinese) in the game.All the mods in the game are all English. I'm feel headache.
    From a loyal Badlion Chinese player.
    My English is not good XD
    PM Link
    PM Link
    Badlion 3.0. Badlion on IOS, and Android.
    PM Link

    Okamics wrote

    Badlion 3.0. Badlion on IOS, and Android.

    I’m not sure how this would be possible as I’m not even sure if you can mod pocket edition Minecraft but seeing how much time mojang is putting into bedrock, this might be an opportunity.
    PM Link

    SheepYhangCN wrote

    I hope you can add some other languages (such as Chinese) in the game.All the mods in the game are all English. I'm feel headache.
    From a loyal Badlion Chinese player.
    My English is not good XD
    chinese is available on the BLC.
    Now I’m not sure if this is only mandarin/Cantonese or both but you should be able to find it in the launcher’s settings
    PM Link
    It was a joke but ok
    PM Link
    Finally I can use Badlion Client with macOS. I just hope that it will be released before Christmas.
    PM Link
    I recently downloaded the client, does anyone have any tips on using the BLC? Like any options/features that would make it more enjoyable?
    PM Link
    Also, suggestion: Allow people to open games at once. Basically, so we're able to be online with 2 accounts at the same time.
    PM Link
    Why I have ERROR downloading this jar file?
    PM Link
    amigo…tengo un problema…la 1.7.10, 1.14.4 andan re bien…pero el problema esta en la version 1.8.9..
    Cuando se instala entro al juego..luego se crea el mundo y esta todo mal generado..bugeado nose como explicarte
    PM Link
    osea se genera mal la version 1.8.9….reinstale todo el cliente de nuevo pero sigue el mismo problema
    y hoy se actualizo ..pero igualemnte sigue el problema de generacion del mundo..
    PM Link
    estuve un rato en el mundo mal generado editando los mods…y se arreglo el problema…nose como paso pero se soluciono despues de estar jugando un rato
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