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Approved Mods
- Core mods such as PlayerAPI, Forge, Liteloader
- Mod packs that contain the mods written below

Mods that improve cosmetics/textures/aesthetics:
- Optifine / FpsPlus / BetterFps
- Gammabright
- Shinypots Texturepacks
- Shaders
- Others that are client sided and give no unfair advantage (NOT particle mod though)

Movement/PvP enhancing mods:
- 1.7 Better Sprinting Mod (not 1.8)
- Togglesneak/Togglesprint
- LabyMod Version 2.6 and above
- Orange Marshall's Old 1.7 Animations and Vanilla Enhancements
- MouseDelayFix by prplz
- Kohi TcpNoDelay Mod (or do it yourself:

WARNING: Lots of 'ping enhancers' / 'DNS settings' / 'Regedit settings' etc have something wrong with them. Some will slow your internet down to achieve delayed hits/reach, which is NOT allowed. Others can contain cheats, they can screw up your internet or much more (containing rats/viruses). The rest is usually completely placebo. Don't download, and especially don't buy them. Scammers make money out of this.

Status/Location display mods:
- Status Effect HUD / Armor HUD / Direction HUD
- The 5zig Mod
- BetterHUD
- Waypoints / Minimaps that do not show entities (such as players) or caves in any way.
- UHC Essentials
- Mods that show CPS, Keystrokes, Reach, or Coords (but don't alter those)

- bUpload (and other automatic screenshot uploaders)
- EiraIRC
- Client side chat mods (such as tabbychat)
- Cape Mods
- OpenEye
- Resource Pack Organizer
- Teamspeak integration mod


Cheatbreaker, J3Ultimate, OCMC mod are use at your own risk
EDIT: OCMC has a bug in which you can Xray. Abusing this will result in a permban

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