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Dev Log #61 03/26 - 04/08

Hello everyone!

We have released patch 0.9.6 which features more ArenaPvP 1v1 ladders and Premium UHCs! We had an issue earlier in the week with patching/updating issues giving a -1 error, but this has been fixed. This update also featured Betterframes which is a set of optimizations and tweaks to the Minecraft client to make it faster, less laggy, and smoother for players. We are adding to Betterframes every update. This next update will have specific graphics settings that can be tweaked for more details or for better frames when playing!

Past Badlion Premium Updates:
Version 0.9.7 - In the works, will contain stability improvements, more Betterframes optimizations and settings for higher FPS, and more!
Version 0.9.6 -
Version 0.9.5 -
Version 0.9.4 -
Version 0.9.3 -
Version 0.9.2 -

We have finally launched the new Badlion Store! You can find it as usual by clicking the Shop button at the navigation bar at the top of this page. More details here:

Help us test the gamemodes and give us your feedback in the community feedback thread so that we can improve gameplay.

You may report bugs regarding Badlion Premium here:

Badlion Capture the Wool (CTW) Beta has begun on Badlion Open. This is an old school gamemode that was created years ago on Minecraft and is not well known. However, this gamemode allows people to build freely and strategically on the maps in order to capture the enemy's wool. In addition there will be a $1000 5v5 CTW tournament in April, so start practicing today!

More information regarding how to play CTW, the CTW tournament, and new rule changes here:

Badlion Skywars will be coming out of Beta soon and for its full release on Badlion Open! There will be a stats and rating reset on the full release. We are planning on doing some gameplay changes to keep the rounds more interesting. These changes will be announced when they are released.

Skywars Beta announcement post:

We have identified the issue with ArenaPvP match history not showing correctly on player profile pages. We will put out a fix for it around Sunday night/Monday early morning during low peak times.

- Badlion Premium Version 0.9.6 (refer to above)
- Capture the Wool (CTW) Beta
- New hub/lobby map
- New UHC map generation system that will be used for Premium UHCs and UHC 6.0


- Friend/Party/Duo Queue support in Badlion Premium
- Betterframes improvements for the Badlion Minecraft Client
- Badlion Premium bug fixes and stability improvements
- UHC 6.0
- ArenaPvP S15
- Badlion Open Skywars Full Release
- Rush
- Website profile overhaul
- Network Currency/Boosters (in development)
- Achievement System
- Lots of new types of Cosmetics
- Higher level of internationalization support on the website and in-game

- Added 1.8 border in Premium UHCs
- Added overall stats to tab list on Capture the Wool (CTW) and Capture the Flag (CTF)
- Implement internationalization support for Premium UHCs
- Allow players to leave early in Rush, Skywars, and SG on Premium if a player has died and can no longer respawn
- Allow disguises on Premium UHCs (currently have to be disguised on the network to have it carry over, but will be allowed to disguise/undisguise from the client in the future)
- Everyone has the same skin now when disguising before game start on minigames like SG
- Disguise skins are now logged which will allow us to find and remove some inappropriate skins in the system
- Adjust the time that Premium UHC games in London and Amsterdam start (shifted by about 1-2 hours)
- Added a symbol for Premium UHCs on the upcoming matches page and the calendar page for UHCs
- Updated the client download page with new image and information
- Updated the About page on the website

- General bug fixes with the new Badlion Store release
- Fixed the Premium UHC Backpacks gamemode not working correctly
- Fix rare edge cases for stat resets for ArenaPvP/UHC when someone had numerous unused stat resets at a time
- Fix issue with players not being able to late join in Premium UHC
- Fixed issue with a player holding a CTF flag, then switching teams and still having the flag
- Fixed disguising sometimes not working because of not being able to find a name
- Fixed Badlion Premium leaderboards not showing ArenaPvP 1v1 season 2 statistics
- Fixed Badlion Premium stats not saving to the correct ladder
- Fixed broken Terms of Service and DMCA policy links on the website
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