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The Staff Team
I think the staff team try to do his work, sometimes tho, the things goes out of hand and i think that you get muted or punished without a real reason
i'm not saing staff is incompetent, when i joined badlion it was really different, the staff was more kind and they didn't mute you if you said "spect me" it actually isn't that wrong to mute if a player says a mod to spect because he actualy myght allarm the cheater he's fighting.
Personally i think badlion staff should take that more as a game, sometimes it seems like they think to be machines that mute if they see something that can maybe be an hackusation,
you don't have to act like machines and leave away what you think and feel just because the rule say you should mute them, we have Gcheat and automute for that, the human part is actually needed because we (not as robots/IA) have feelings, if you think someone is not really accusating don't mute him, when you do this job follow your feeling and the things you think and never forget about them.
Some staffers already do that, they are kind and do this with love, some other staffers (not saing names because they already got reported) don't, they mute without a clear reason, fake screenshots, help theyr friends in uhc illegally (saing inventories ans shit), don't mute them even if they see they was toxic and than say "oh sorry i was way in that moment"

I joined march 2015

p.s. take that as constructive criticism and please, quote me and say everything you tought watching this post, even if it is that im an idiot, the best way to solve problems is to talk about them
@MasterGberry would really appreciate to know your opinion about what i said
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Morsinius wrote

I agree with what cringie said: the staff team’s become a lot more robotic. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, as the server’s grown so much and it seems to be that efficiency is high on the priority list. Unfortunately, this striving for efficiency has really decreased the amount of personal communication and unique processing of “moderation,” which I’ll use as an umbrella term to describe handling appeals, reports, and in-game punishing.

I personally don’t have much of a complaint about that; as a matter of fact, I see no other viable solution to handling a several-thousand-player server. Such a sacrifice is, I fear, necessary for the success of Badlion. Though it was difficult to get used to, I eventually grew used to the simplification of the moderation tools and I now agree that it was a step in the right direction; at first I was skeptical about the predetermined mute messages, but it made the appeal processing system much faster—and though I haven’t firsthand used it for myself, the new predetermined mute times may also work nicely with the new appeal system.

Although I ultimately approve of the sacrifice of “depth” (what I’ll use to describe the personal differences between punishments and the uniqueness of cases) for efficient moderation, others may rule out the benefits of the new moderation and form what I feel is a justified animosity towards the new system. For the sake of example: I can’t, as a current staff member, give different punishments for two people who threaten to kill someone in real life, even though one may show a greater degree of hostility and use far more vivid imagery; both players will suffer the same punishment and will have their appeals handled the same way.

But what I do have a problem with is not in the simplification of the punishment system, but rather the simplification from within the staff team. I absolutely hate to say this, but throughout my time as a staff member, I noticed that the staff team became progressively worse: younger, denser, and arguably less professional. Perhaps it was just me growing more intolerant to something that had always existed, but I began to feel a growing sense of ignorance and an incapability of understanding how to act like a moderator with the “new batch” onwards—from around the time the massive trial batch was added to the staff team in October 2014, but more so around the time UHC started to really grow.

I think what I’m really ticked off about is that the mods began to lack common sense to the point where they began hurting the server’s reputation. To be absolutely honest, I was extremely dissatisfied with the behaviour a few staff members exhibited around the time I finally retired; I had always disliked some certain mods’ behaviour even before the new batch—but back then I also enjoyed masturbating to discipline and happily wallowed in my anger, pointing out comically trivial flaws the staff team used to have. But the problem soon became real as more players flooded in and the staff team became more lenient with the mod apps; at this point, I began noticing actual problems within the staff team that I believe may still be around today.

These problems are:
1) ignorance to subjectivity
I’m not sure why, but the staff team loves to capitalise on rule-breaking lines in chat that are not harmful in any way taken out of context. I understand that the staff team is allowed to do this, but obviously fake hackusations and filter bypassing to ask legitimate questions should not be mutable. I often let these go back when I was a moderator, especially for the necessary filter bypasses, which had obvious context to them. “Context” also applies to stuff outside of chat; camping is one thing that has to be observe more carefully. I’ve seen players framed and kicked for camping because the moderator wouldn’t pay enough attention to what was really going on in the match, and I’ve seen players kicked for camping when they were innocently just playing the game (I had been playing an archer match in which both me and my opponent were using pearls on rooftops when I suddenly got a message from a mod to stop camping). People cry mods for just about anything, and it’s a shame seeing mods succumb so easily to confirmation bias and peer pressure.

2) lack of professionalism and clarity
Before I retired, I was considering pasting a link to something I wrote up complaining about the staff team and what exactly it does wrong before finally leaving the chats I was in. I eventually decided against the idea once I realised how purely it had been written in hatred, and I felt that leaving on such a bad note would be awful for whatever relationship I had between friends on the staff team and myself. However, reading over what I’d said back then, I believe some of these things have to still be brought to light. The lack of professionalism is the biggest problem by far; some specific examples I used in that note are still legitimate, I feel, and should be denounced as inappropriate.

I’ll bring up the lack of clarity example later

3) bandwagoning
It’s happening less so now but I’ll expand on this later

4) lack of players online
There are 5 managers, 7 senior moderators, 49 moderators, and 21 trial moderators on the kitpvp staff tea, and yet that converts to only about 3-5 staff members online at a time. Activity really has to increase; with so many people having mod privileges, I expect there to be a lot more players on to mod—yet it's just about the same amount as it used to be when I was active back in 2015.

5) professional communication with players in general
I'll expand later

I think the staff team’s honestly doing fine, but it could be a lot better

If it’s of any use, I joined Badlion in summer 2013 and I was an ArenaPvP moderator from March 2014 to February 2016.
that's what i said in my opinion too,some staffers are leaving away feelings to become machines that ban/mute for anything the rules say even if they don't think it's fair
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When I'm in-game I see some people not getting muted for something on other people are so I think if we have more staff members it might let the chat be more cleaner and make it so there's less stress on the staff members to keep everything clean etc.

Also the members have to also stop saying staff members aren't doing their jobs when they are they just can't see everything in-game and people just yell at them for it and it's not right because it puts even more stress on them.
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I think the staff does a grate job, but sometimes when I msg a staff member to ask a question there PMs are off…
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Personally back in the day I felt that staff members were more active in chat and actually banning people. But now I can't even message a moderator because they usually have their PMs off and are grinding their global elo opposed to doing their job. And the ones I do get to message usually just ignore me, I feel that it's not even worth reporting people anymore because they don't care.
There should be a proper system keeping track of what a moderator is actually doing for most of their time on the server (this is my opinion)

I joined November 2013.
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I enojoy badlion yes the staff us great but the staff can be way wrong sometimes which makes me question why they are even staff. I was in a ranked match and got kicked for camping when i couldnt get out :/

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In my opinion I think the staff teAm is doing a pretty good job on dealing with chat. But I do think that the staff team spends a lot more time playing then dealing with issues for example;

"Mod tp camper"
"Mod tp"

I also see on YouTube when staff are doing videos and reports come up in chat that there is over all no communication between staff members, there is a staff chat that is almost never used.

Over all I thing in the coming weeks you guys should implement a staff team that's main goal is to help the community and NOT playing matches.

Joined in September 2015
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Assign more staff to help in ts. A lot of times if you play factions and something goes wrong, you need to talk to a staff member to fix it.
For example, my faction got insided the other day and we waited in ts for about 10-12 hours before a mod came to help.
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I think that there are many hackers that somehow find a way to bypass the amazing anti-cheat, and mods are really lazy nowadays. There is this one player Bean, who is so obvious, I report him everytime he is on, msg mods, and they do absolutely nothing. This other time I got stuck in one of the archer maps and could not get out, and a moderator kicked me for camping… I think that something should be done to create a new staff team of real mods, not people like hivlik or m0xy that are playing ranked matches whenever they are on instead of helping the community.

I joined Badlion August 2014
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The badlion mod team I feel is lazy. We are told to use /report and not hackusate in GC or pm mods, but I feel like I use /report and mods either A- ignore it or B- See it and say "Someone else will get it". Or you have mods like hivilik or m0xy, no offense, just tryharding elo and not banning at all. Or you have the mods that are doing nothing but sitting there and when you /report or msg them they do nothing, but when you say something mutable in chat they instantly mute you. I am not trash talking nor am I saying they don't do their jobs, but I think they should have a balance. It is unfair that mod can blow off a big part of their job(ik you have other lives sorry .-.). I feel a lot of mods do everything to their most such as MMolloy18, killjoy272, slippy, and rosebud, but that is little to the amount of mods you have on here. I think you need to open up to different people applying for mod. All your mods are good, but I think there can be better. Nothing is better than brand new :)
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I feel as if the UHC mods never do shit whenever there is someone blatantly and obviously hacking. Half of the time the mods are either asleep, or hanging out in Barcode's stream. Also, they tend to witch hunt players who are still caving at like 1 hour 10 mins in instead of looking for hackers. My friends and I have helpoped and reported people many times for xray, when they are obviously doing it and I am about to die because of them. It seems as if they get angry and annoyed at you whenever you dare to report someone to them, like as if they dont feel like doing their job.

Also, I feel as if there is a major favoritism aspect towards famous people. If Danteh says someone is hacking in chat, the mods immediately spec them and keep him updated on it; if I report and helpop a kid who is hacking they never respond and never check them out in order to ban them.

Oh, as well, UHC mods mute people for the most retarded reasons. I know people who have been muted for a week for saying "mods spec" and "ur bad", while people like Danteh literally say "ur retarded and u have autism" or something like that and no one ever bats an eye.

I hope that criticism helped. :)
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I think the Staff make a good job, but a little example is, when I'm on ArenaPvP without a Mod/Staff Member the players can easy Cheat without problems, I simply want to have 1 mod on Eu 1,2,3,4,5 or Na 1,2,3,4,5 for example
Sorry for my bad english..
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Unshift wrote

Whoever said "mods mute/ban when most convenient for them" (or something along those lines) I 100% agree with them. Not all of the staff, but tbh, most. Whenever mods encounter someone they think is fishy in a match, they spend their entire moderating day witch hunting the guy for incriminating fishy hits or the occasional headsnap.

And then there are those mods… that just play matches 24/7, pay 0 attention to PMs or the chat, or reports, and just grind elo or host these huge party fights. And they toss out that occasional mute for hackusating every now and then so they look like they're actually doing something. And if you haven't noticed, I'm hinting at m0xy. You told us to steer clear of targeting one staff member in our posts, to discuss the entire staff team, but he definitely needs a talking-to. All he does is grind elo and ignore everything. Whenever he loses a fight, he witchhunts the player he lost to and mutes them whenever they something barely mutable. He cares so much about his elo that he'll drag out a match for 13 minutes just to win. Just ask anyone in the community and you'll receive negative comments about him.
Joined late 2014
imagine being a staff member trying really hard for elo and whenever someone even touches a mountain in build u instantly kick them for camping lolololol #profit
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While I think staff are completely fine at handling the chat, what I personally think really matters more is the actual gameplay, what I would actually really be happy with being integrated is an On-duty or off-duty prefix so you can be sure if they are moderating the server at this time, I would like to see seperate positions open up where they are gameplay moderators and chat moderators because it is in my opinion a staff member should usually only do one or the other as in the moment they are staffing and they can switch any time.

To my actual opinion on improving staff for helping players in-game is a command like /h o, meaning like help op like kohi did, the reason I want it short is because when I want to report a person I am playing against that I think the player is cheating blatantly enough to be banned on the spot, it's not convenient doing /report player and then giving the reason because the damage is already done if you lost your elo, i'm surprised if most staff members actually pay attention to it or pass it off, mainly because there can also be butthurt players who got their ass handed to them in a 1v1 so staff couldn't be arsed to check, solution for this is when the player is reported, it says how many logs he/she has set off too so it can kind of filter out any non-cheaters mostly.

My worst memory of asking a staff member for help was when I lost 31 elo in build, I messaged a moderator online and asked him if he could spectate me while kiting from some player with maxed killaura and anti-kb, literally a fucking 1400, the staff member replies "ign?" and I give the players ign.
I kite for a whole minute and ask him again, pretty much says the same thing, this goes on for another 3 or so minutes until I actually start spamming chat because I know the mod won't do fuck-all to help me spamming "TP MODS PLEASE RIP 31 ELO" pretty much the usual shit, I end up dying in build after running out of golden apples.
This is literally how I lost my 2k elo rating and I was pissed, I actually worked so hard to get 2k elo and it's gone.
I end up shit talking the moderator telling him he's fucking shit and completely useless, I got what I had coming and get muted.
The whole point I'm putting this in is that I just felt I was ignored and that I wasn't worth his/her time, don't apply for arena mod if you're just going to fucking mute people in a chat filled with "DUEL ME BUILD UHC GODS ONLY!11!!!!" that nobody can really have a conversation in.
Nowadays you can only really get help from a staff member if you're in the same room as them in teamspeak.
This sounds retarded but to reduce the chances of this type of stuff happening, add a donator-only ranked ladders where only donators can queue against other donators reducing the chances playing cheaters, they play the same ladder as non-donators, these players can still queue the non-donator version as well.

I've probably just repeated everyone else here saying "omg mods do nothing I hate everything" but its happend to me too much, staff team does do work but I want more resources being focused towards actual gameplay rather than a chat that nobody really cares about, who gives an actual shit if somebody says L in chat?
It means fuck-all, I remember when chat wasn't an actual cesspool in season 5-7 and you could have an actual conversation when mutes actually meant something.
But anyways I don't think saying this will help the staff team that much but it's something coming from a player who joined 2014 may.

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To be honest, I am scared to put this comment up as I have heard stories of corrupted staff. I don't remember the name of the staff member I am about to talk about but it happened 2 times with 2 different members, 1 on the teamspeak and the other on the actual server. So, I was on the teamspeak and was asking a staff member if I could speak to them. They were quite rude and just closed the conversation. I felt as if I meant nothing to them, and they were just moderator, to be moderator not to do their job. On MC I was asking also asking a question but still they just told me to go away, or don't bother me with such pesky things in that type of manager. Other than that everyone else has been extremely helpful :)
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So, I joined Badlion about 2.5 years ago. Back then, I wasn't good enough to tell whether most people were actually hacking or not (most times thinking they were better than me), and there weren't that many hackers then. As much as I can remember, I still have memories of mods helping their players all the time. Now, it's a lot difference (in a bad way)

I dislike (a lot of) the staff team very much right now. But, on the otherhand, they can be pretty helpful at times when they do help. I won't state names, and I won't try to trash talk too much, but it's hard to not when the staff members are really corrupt, here's some reasons why:
    It takes many PMs for the staff team/a staff member to get their attention to me. Yes, even when they're not playing a game or anything, they just ignore me half the time. Mainly referring to some of the senior "mods" who mainly just play the game and don't really help much.

    This one doesn't particularly target the staff members, but mainly a chat rule of not being able to say "MOD TP" in chat if you're fighting a hacker and you're not able to message a mod in time. See, instead of staff members spectating you after you say this, they just straight-up ignore you and mute you while not spectating at all.

I don't have like any positives about the staff team. But, I do notice the 1.9 staff team doing a great job of helping others, but that's only due to low player amounts and not many people hack on 1.9 (at least in my experience). The trial staff members who should be doing the most work because they want to show their managers they're muting and banning people and deserve to be an actual mod, are the one who do the most.

On the other part of Badlion, UHC, it is a lot better. Whenever I helpop something, the host always responds quickly, and the UHC mods actually take their time to spectate individual people and record them. I like the UHC staff a lot more than the Arena staff basically.

I don't have much constructive criticism, but maybe reconsider who you want and don't want on the staff team. Even though the numbers may show a lot of people getting banned or muted, it's still NOT enough.
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Badlion's staff team is, in general, pretty good. Most of them know what they're doing and act mature. The one thing I see (and what I think most players see) is how the staff respond to pms normal gameplay in Arena. Sure they have the right to play and take a break but when I'm on, I usually see staff play for hours on end without any moderation. When they do moderate, it's usually only chat. That's great and all but chat is nothing compared to actual hacking. A solution to this is if the staff play on alts to enjoy themselves or have a command that removes them from the tablist and ./list . I'm sure that what you (Gberry) want is a good image of the staff portrayed across the community. I think most can agree when I say that each player doesn't have actual intentions of hatred on the staff team. It's just some choose to communicate their concerns in a harsher way.

This might not be a concern to others but I think that you were focusing way too much on upcoming projects. I read your dev logs and see that you have so much on your plate with S13 and Sg 2.0 and CTF etc. You never really took teh time to actually examine your staff team. What I think you should do is do a huge renovation on the staff team. After all these projects are done, I suggest taking the time to cooldown and start tweaking the staff and trying to fix anything minor. This thread is, what I see, the first step in doing so. We all appreciate it but I hope you reconsider if you plan on doing more big projects in the upcoming months.
I've been playing Badlion since 2013.
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This only started happening in the recent months. But when ever I message a moderator a question or a concern, I NEVER (being serious) get a response. I have to wait until another staff member comes online. I've realized that when I message "Trials" I get a better chance of getting an actual response other than "idk" or "Ask another staff member." or nothing at all. I just believe that the staff should pay attention to chat and have answers ready for pretty anything they get asked.

Joined 2014
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I personally think badlion staff has its ups and it's downs. They do respond quite a bit, and the uhc staff are very good at answering questions, but sometimes there are some downfalls.
On arenapvp, you often see people not following the rules, and when it's the staffs job to intervene, they have there private messages off and they are just try harding ranked. In my opinion, if you want to be a staff member, you should be working hard and punishing rule breakers and play the occasional ranked match or two. I do think badlion staff are still pretty good.

Keep up the good work badlion staff team!
Joined June 2015
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