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Badlion Client 2.1 - Tons of New Features!

Hey Badlion Client Users!

I am super excited to share our largest update to the Badlion Client since Badlion Client 2.0 began closed beta back in February. Many of you have seen on Twitter we have been working very hard on some new features which we believe the community is going to love, but even these sneak peaks have been incomplete. If you are new to Badlion Client and want to learn more check out

Let’s dive straight into what Badlion Client 2.1 is.

The first thing you will see when launching the Badlion Client the next time is a brand new main menu in Minecraft!

We have been hard at work at improving the Minecraft interfaces since the beginning of Badlion Client 2.0. In fact, improving the interfaces has been one of our major objectives since the beginning of the project.

Today with our new main menu users can do a better job of keeping up with the latest information about the Badlion Client and the community we are working to slowly build around it. We hope you guys love it as much as we do.

At long last you can finally talk to your fellow Minecraft friends on Badlion Client inbetween servers. Our chat and friends feature has been in development for months now and planned for almost two years now.

We really wanted to build up an awesome experience form the ground up for our chat system. The high level features of what you can do with our chat system are:

  • View ingame chat like normal Minecraft
  • Separate your DMs on a game server from the normal in game chat
  • Message your Badlion Client friends at anytime from any menu (Just press T)
  • Message specific language channels on the Badlion Client such as English, Deutsch, Espanol, etc

  • We have some more planned features for that will debut later this year such as:

  • Emotes to express yourself better in the Badlion Client
  • Group Chats on the Badlion Client so you can talk to multiple friends at once
  • Ability to message your guild/clan (subject to certain servers only such as Hypixel, GommeHD, etc) without being logged into the server(s)

  • I hope all of you are excited about this upgrade to your Minecraft social experience.

    Hint #1 To open the friends list, use the G key.

    New Since

    Hint #2 If you do not want to use this new Chat for your ingame chat you are able to opt out by going to the Betterframes settings and disabling the "New Chat" option.

  • Added new chat height sliders into the New Chat Settings
  • Reduced down the amount of space at the top of chat being used by the tabs to save space on smaller screens
  • Added a notification so that a user could not see that he was muted
  • Added a notification so that a user could see he has a new friend request
  • Added the ability to send a friend request directly from the New Chat
  • Optimized the New Chat to take up less FPS to display (still further improvements being worked on)

  • Today we are launching our first upgrades to the Badlion Client’s FPS. You do not need to do anything and these FPS improvements should automatically take affect as soon as you are running Badlion Client 2.1.

    We plan on doing some further improvements over the next few weeks, and in the forseeable future. FPS improvements a high priority at the moment in our team to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy Minecraft on the Badlion Client with a stable and high frame rate.

    We have ported our awesome client to 1.12.2 by popular demand of the public and also by request of several BAC partners and potential BAC partners. You will find most of the features you love about the Badlion Client already available starting today in 1.12.2.

    We have a few features we are still working on porting over but hopefully will be available soon as well. Please keep in mind that this is the first public test build of 1.12.2 and we do expect there to be some issues. As a friendly reminder all bug reports belong here (give us videos/screenshots/steps to reproduce the problem if possible):

    Lastly before someone asks, yes, we are going to support 1.13 very shortly after it is available to the public. We do not at this time have plans to support 1.9, 1.10, or 1.11 though.

    Another popular request by Badlion Client users has been a borderless mode for full screen users. I am happy to share today that your requests have been answered and now you can choose to use a borderless mode in the Badlion Client by using the Betterframe options in the slideout menu.

    One of the most popular requests since the Closed Beta of the Badlion Client has been the motion blur mod. This feature has finally been added to the Badlion Client and is available in all 3 versions starting today!

    Lastly the Waypoints mod has been given an upgrade! You can now take advantage of some extra features mentioned above.

    Minecraft Fixes

  • [All] Fixed an issue with arrow keys not rendering properly on Keystrokes mod
  • [All] Fixed clear glass not working with optifine
  • [All] Fixed issue with switching worlds breaking togglesprint
  • [1.8] Fixed an issue where the animations mod setting was ignored and would always do 1.7 animations
  • [1.8] Re-enabled eat/attack animation (so you have the animation of eating/swinging)

  • Fixed In

  • Fixed an issue where / would still open new chat when disabled
  • Fixed an issue where users could fake messages in the new chat system
  • Fixed an issue where some messages would not have a username
  • Fixed an issue where users could not leave language channels properly
  • Fixed an issue where really small screen sizes would sometimes crash
  • Fixed an issue where FPS would crash terribly low when opening the New Chat if you were on a server long enough
  • Fixed an issue where the game would randomly crash under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where screenshots would send to the wrong chat channel
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash instantly for older computers
  • Fixed chat opacity sliders to go down low enough to be invisible
  • Fixed an issue where the New Chat and other components would randomly become black
  • Fixed an issue where Rainbow mode did not work on certain mods anymore
  • Fixed an issue where switching channels would freeze your client up for a few seconds
  • Fixed an issue where links did not work in chat

  • Launcher Fixes

    Most of these updates have been live since last week, but it is still worth mentioning all of them.

  • Security Updates
  • Fixed an issue where some users would receive “Data Corrupted” pop ups
  • Fixed an issue where invalid width/height could be put into the settings
  • Fixed an issue with some users with terribly unreliable internet connections from downloading jar patches
  • Fixed an issue where corrupt java installations are not properly repaired

  • Fixed In

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong case sensitivity for your email would block logging in to the Badlion Client

  • Removed Badlion from pinned servers

  • Automatic bans for certain types of cheats

    This is an important update we have been working towards the past few months in the background very slowly. Our BAC partners and the community have told us many times that they want to see bans executed on a faster pace.

    With this being said we have been slowly upgrading our infrastructure to make this possible. I am happy to say that soon we will automatically issue bans on certain types of cheats as soon as we detect them and not only during ban waves.

    Not all cheats will automatically ban and some will still be handled in ban waves. You can read more about this under our FAQ section at

    Clan Wars Mod

    This feature is long overdue for the GommeHD community but we are happy to say that it is finally back on the radar and should be completed very soon. We will work over time to continue to improve the system and also hook the feature into additional servers.

    Ability to see other people using the Badlion Client (BAC Servers Only)

    We will soon be adding a way to determine if other players around you are using the Badlion Client. We will be adding a special icon next to their nametag so you can see if your opponent is using the Badlion Client as well.

    Please note, as a reminder this does not mean that the user is not possibly using cheats, although the chances are much lower.

    BAC Support for Smaller Servers

    Attention server owners! We will soon be offering options for smaller and upcoming servers to be able to support the Badlion Client on your server(s). We have been working very hard to upgrade our plugins to be easier to install/use as well as lowering the costs of our infrastructure to make this more affordable for servers.

    We hope to release information within the next month about this. If you are interested in being contacted when this is available drop an email to bac [at] badlion [dot] net and give a brief introduction about yourself and your server.

    BAC Server Listing

    We are working on putting together a special tab in the Multiplayer menu that will feature BAC servers. We feel this will help give good visibility to the different servers offering BAC support available for Badlion Client users to enjoy.

  • OBS needs admin rights to record with the Badlion Client (sometimes)

  • We hope you are as excited about Badlion Client 2.1 as all of us are. Over the past ~2 months since Open Beta began the community has helped shape the Badlion Client into one of the most popular Minecraft clients. This last patch took us much longer to put together than we thought, but we are going to strive our best to go back to our weekly release cycles.

    We hope to continue to innovate and add new awesome features to the client over time based on community feedback.

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    very very nice

    edit: chat should be sizeable with little arrows at the edges when you press T because it is so big and I'm kinda confused as to how this was not noticed in the testing phase. The updated friend system also seems to be missing or I'm just blind

    edit v2: it ruins the chat format
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    PM Link
    PM Link

    Also, I would agree with Saimo, the chat should be sizeable.
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    Saimo wrote

    very very nice

    edit: chat should be sizeable with little arrows at the edges when you press T because it is so big and I'm kinda confused as to how this was not noticed in the testing phase. The updated friend system also seems to be missing or I'm just blind

    edit v2: it ruins the chat format

    Agreed, please fix this.
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    Will voice chat ever be a thing?
    PM Link
    The FPS improvement is a joke. I opened my chat to talk and I get extreme lag spikes. You actually just destroyed this client and I'm pissed.
    PM Link
    Fix the chat. I'm not using this client anymore unless we get the original chat back. But if you don't want to revert it just add an option to turn the original chat back. This is honestly the worst thing you could've done for such an amazing client.
    PM Link
    I'm not using this client again until the chat is changed.
    PM Link
    Add an option to turn chat back to what it was originally, instead of having buttons in the chat with chat being half the size of most of our screens, put it in the mods gui to the right. The colours and shadows of some mods have broken.

    Get 1.7 sneak animation in instead of breaking the chat ty
    PM Link
    I understand what you're trying to do with the chat. But every time I switch DM's my client freezes.
    PM Link
    Automatically Deleted
    PM Link
    THE CHAT ARE… … :v I ANY1 LIKE THE NEW CHAT. If you enter the chat to the Badlion Client part, the language does not matter, people are complaining because they have no configuration to make it smaller, remove the background COMPLETELY, disable the public chat, etc.

    If they do not modify this, I think they have ruined the client, the rest, it's beautiful, but the chat …
    I know maybe this is in beta, but thanks to your chat my game crashed.

    PM Link
    At least make a toggle for the chat it literally fucks up the fps
    PM Link
    The chat is just…..awful. Ok? It's just awful. If you're not gonna change the chat at all, you should at least add back the Default Minecraft Chat Settings. That way you can at least turn the size down.

    But honestly, if anyone can play with the chat at max size, then you're crazy. Why does Badlion think people can play like that? If I had to play like that I would get so distracted so easily.
    PM Link
    yep im literally not using this client till they fix the chat back to the normal chat its so laggy and it covers up my screen.
    PM Link
    It's sad how you guys had to ruin such an amazing client. I will not use this client again until chat is fixed, period. I'm sorry, but how did this get through the tested phase… like honestly how. The sad part is you guys made a lot of the community mad. Just please fix this ASAP before people start never using this again.
    PM Link
    Chat is messed up same with rainbow keybindings and cps mod. Also make it so you can change the armor durability color
    PM Link